Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House on 29 June 2024. There are some serious park run tourists out there, visiting A-Z of park runs around the Globe. I don’t consider myself to be one of them. However, I do confess that if invited to a Wedding, on a weekend away or holiday, the first thing I do is look up the nearest park run. Surely I’m not the only one?
Today I’m with some of the ‘Just Run Lincoln’ crew who are on our monthly tourist tour, visiting different park runs.  I already have experience of the course, having been twice before.  It’s a two lap course taking you down the long drive, around parkland and past the front of the magnificent Belton House.  I would say the course is 80% trail. That’s very different from what our crew is use to.
Park Run Tourism at Belton House by Dawn Thomas of Just Run Community, Lincoln on WhatsOnLincs, what's on Lincs, what's on in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Park Run Tourism at Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House The Start

After a short  first timer/ tourist brief we took our places at the start. The start covers an exceptionally wide area with runners on both the grass and the drive. This made for an easier start with no bottle necks.  The number of dogs was particularly noticeable and audible. However, both owners and dogs were all very well behaved during the run.
By the time we had reached the turning point (about midway down the drive) the pack had thinned out making it easy to move onto the trail section. A family of swans could be seen sat at the corner watching everyone with interest. With eyes back on the trail it was time to focus on the rabbit holes. I needn’t have worried though as they were marked with little white flags.

Sheep On The Run!

A glance to the right and I could see the park deer in the far field then I noticed the sheep. OMG the sheep were running on mass directly towards the next corner. Watching the runners and sheep ahead I could see that all were being very courteous.  Both the runners and sheep seemed to dodge each other without effecting pace.  What a relief!
The course isn’t entirely flat as you will find as you run up towards the house to the start of the second lap and eventually the finish funnel.  The good news is that final section is flat, wide and on a path. There was plenty of scope to pick up the pace for a fast finish.

Post Run Coffee

Having cheered each other in we piled into the stables cafe to refuel and dissect our run.  The others hadn’t run Belton before and were all surprised it was a trail run. The takeaway point here is read the write up to avoid surprises. (@parkrunUK)
We will be voting on our next park run tour in the coming weeks but in the meantime it’s back to the training. If you fancy a bit of tourism yourselves head to the friendliest park run I know (of course I am biased !) in Boutham Park, Lincoln  Happy running everyone.

Happy Running


WhatsOnLincs Explained

WhatsOnLincs Explained

WhatsOnLincs is the new web page for sharing What's on in Lincolnshire posts by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

WhatsOnLincs Explained

WhatsOnLincs is the Lincolnshire based community web page on the LincsConnect website. You can use it to post free adverts from markets and car boot sales to charity events and entertainment, jobs, volunteering plus much more. You can even include pictures as well as links to websites.  It’s all FREE so be sure to use it to find out What’s on in Lincolnshire.

During one of the weekly #LincsConnect Hour evenings on Twitter (X) the overwhelming response to “where do you advertise to reach new customers locally” was “there isn’t anywhere”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other websites available in the County but they focus on the larger events.  As a result I devised the WhatsOnLincs page to include sole traders and small events as well as the larger ones.

Free Advertising

Free advertising – can this really be true?

All adverts are on the page are free to post. No commitment and no catch!


While adverts are free to post it is possible to sponsor the website.  Each paid advert will appear on every page of the site including the pages where people post their free adverts and where the general public search the website.

If you would like to sponsor the website with an annual advert please get in touch.  Your sponsorship will help to pay for the additional storage space and upgrade of the package that will inevitably be required to grow the site.

WhatsOnLincs – Part Of The Dream

This page has been a part of my dream for LincsConnect for many years.  As a community, self funded project finances have been tight. As a result, being a bit of a technophobe, I’ve struggled to get the website updated.

With finances in short supply for this community project, good will and community spirit are what’s needed to make things happen.  I’m a firm believer in helping others with no expectation for reward.  However, it’s really good news when someone steps forward to offer help.

WIN, WIN With WhatsOnLincs

WhatsOnLincs, WhatsOnLincolnshire, What's on Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Discover Events And More on WhatsOnLincs

Advertising is FREE so that means WhatsOnLincs is a great place to search for events, sales, special offers, jobs and much more.

Using the site is easy. It’s open to everyone to view so locals and out of area visitors alike can take advantage of WhatsOnLincs. The page is located on the LincsConnect website and is easily searchable from Google and other search engines.

Arriving on the page you’ll immediately see some of the free adverts. Searching by ‘date’ is a good way to find out what’s on in Lincolnshire and our surrounding area.  The site really is easy to use but if you happen to encounter any problems please do get in touch.

With headings being added as they are needed I’m sure you’ll find something here. There’s everything from markets to jobs and festivals to lost, missing and stolen.

Have a look to see what you think and please don’t forget to tell your friends.

How To Upload An Advert

When uploading your advert consider these tips:

  1.  When choosing a title for your advert make it look like something you would search for on Google or any other search engine. Typing “Join Us On Saturday” doesn’t tell people (or search engines) what you are actually advertising. Instead you should be more specific.  “Lincolnshire Show” is a very specific title that will definitely result in internet searches.
  2. When typing your text (staying with the same example as 1. above) start with something like “Lincolnshire Show – find me at stand xxx on both days.  Be sure to say hello and let us know where you saw our advert.
  3. No 2. above is a very specific invitation to get people to visit you at the show.  Be sure to add your name in your advert so that people know who they are looking for. Likewise, add your own website or social media details in the contact info while posting your advert.
  4. Adding a date for your event: If your event is over one or two days then include those dates when typing the description for your advert.  However, if your event is over several dates during the year I highly recommend that you place an advert for each date individually to make them stand out. There is no harm in copying and pasting your text from your original advert onto subsequent adverts to save yourself some time.

Thank You

My dream to help connect the County and our neighbours was given a huge boost when Jason from J & S Plumbing And Heating came forward to help set up the page on my website for me.  Thank you Jason, WhatsOnLincs wouldn’t have materialised without your help.

With community in mind, Jason has also produced some helpful information blogs and videos so please do take a look at his website to see them for yourself.

Here is a link to one of his more recent blogs:

J & S Plumbing And Heating on WhatsOnLincs, What's on Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBloggerClick Here to go straight to the blog

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Click or tap on the picture to go to the blog:

Fancy a brew? Be Kind Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Fancy a brew?

LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger



How To Use LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

How To Use LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

How to use LincsConnect in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The LincsConnect account is here for you to use. Here’s how to make the most of the hashtag in Lincolnshire:

Many people choose to add the hashtag #LincsConnect to their tweets and rely on the @LincsConnect Twitter account to retweet for them. However, it’s possible to get much more from the hashtag and this video will show you how:

Leaving your tweet for @LincsConnect to retweet for you has its limitations. Many people (wrongly) assume that @LincsConnect is run by a marketing company with dedicated time to manage the account. The reality is that the account is managed by one volunteer with limited time to spend on the account during the day and evening.

By following the tips on the YouTube clip above you’ll be able to create your own network from the #LincsConnect users. When you support each other, your network will grow and by using the hashtag, others will see your conversations too. As a result, while you are busy growing your own network, you’ll find it’ll also improve organically as more people join you. With almost 13,000 ‘local’ Lincolnshire followers, joining the @LincsConnect family will make perfect sense for you, your organisation, business or charity.

Why You Don’t Need To Include The @LincsConnect Address

While using the #LincsConnect ‘hashtag’ it’s worth noting that you don’t need to include the @LincsConnect ‘address’ in the same tweet!  When you use the # hashtag you’re sending your tweet to the database for all to see and interact with.  However, if you use the ‘@’ account name you’re sending your tweet to just one person!  It’s all in the video so hopefully it makes sense now.

‘Quote’ Sparingly

When retweeting posts you’ll be given the option to ‘Repost’ or ‘Quote’ (Repost with a comment). The retweet (or repost as it’s now called) is by far the most effective way of helping to increase the visibility of tweets by others.  Retweeting shows you support others by moving the retweeted post onto your timeline. It’s a very helpful way of supporting others, especially if they have very few followers.

The ‘quote’ option is only helpful if you own a powerful account that enjoys lots of engagement. The quoted tweet is shown as your own tweet for your followers to see. However, if your account isn’t powerful with a large engagement rate you won’t be doing anyone any favours by quoting! When quoting someone else’s tweet instead of retweeting it you’re effectively stopping the tweet from being seen by others.  Think carefully before quoting a tweet and use the option sparingly.

LincsConnect In Lincolnshire Is Non-Political

The aim of the #LincsConnect hashtag is to support each other.  However, please be aware that the hashtag is strictly non-political and non-religious.  As a result, any political, religious, hateful or offensive (including bad language) messages will be dealt with swiftly.

LincsConnect Hour In Lincolnshire

Join us on Monday evening at 8.00pm for the #LincsConnect Hour where you’ll find lots of locals chatting. We often have guest hosts too so it’s always interesting.  Follow the instructions in the video above to join in with the Hour. If you would like to host the Hour please do get in touch.

#LincsConnect Hour by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Join the Twitter based #LincsConnect Hour on Mondays at 8.00pm

WhatsOnLincs By LincsConnect

During a #LincsConnect Hour one Monday evening I asked where people were advertising for their events etc. The overwhelming response was that there is nowhere to advertise that covers the whole County!

After suggesting a dedicated page on the website for everyone to advertise for free the response by 100% of the people was ‘yes please’. You can use it now to discover what’s on in Lincolnshire and our surrounding area as well as post your events and much more.

I asked, you responded so I organised it.  The WhatsOnLincs website page has been developed especially for you. You can use it to post your events, special offers, vacancies etc by completing the simple ‘Event Submission’ form on the LincsConnect website. It is hoped to cover the whole of the What’s On Lincolnshire categories. However, if you try to post something and can’t find a suitable category, just ask me to add it for you. If you want to find out what’s going on in the County just go to the ‘WhatsOnLincs’ page and type in the date that you are searching for. This is quickly becoming a very popular site to find out what’s on in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

It ‘is’ that simple!

WhatsOnLincs, What's On Lincolnshire, What's on Lincoln, WhatsOnLincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Click or tap on the link to go straight to the WhatsOnLincs (WhatsOnLincolnshire) page

Paid Adverts

If you would like to advertise on the LincsConnect website please get in touch. Paid adverts are visible on every page and will be seen by anyone placing a free advert or searching for information on the WhatsOnLincs page. You can contact me through the ‘Contact‘ page on the website of click on this link to email me directly:

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Free Advertising In Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Free Advertising In Lincolnshire

Sponsored Blog

Mobile Massage in Lincolnshire with Mandarin Therapies by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Mobile Massage In Lincolnshire With Mandarin Therapies

That’s It For Now

I look forward to tweeting with you soon.







Free Advertising In Lincolnshire

Free Advertising In Lincolnshire

Free Advertising In Lincolnshire With LincsConnect

Free Advertising in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Free Advertising in Lincolnshire – #LincsConnect – Make it your ‘go to’ hashtag


This is probably the shortest and most important blog you have ever read!

We all like something that’s ‘free’ but we probably also know that nothing is truly free! Twitter – that’s free! Facebook and Instagram are also free too so where’s the catch? Simple! If you want ‘free’ advertising/exposure on social media you’re going to have to invest your time. By investing your time your posts are more likely to be seen and acted upon. Would you like to know how to do it?


Ditch The ‘Like’ Button

Lincolnshire Free Advertising by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger Ditch the Like Button on Twitter

Free Advertising in Lincolnshire – Ditch the Like button



Free Advertising In Lincolnshire with LincsConnect – Ditch The Like Button

If you’re using Twitter (rules vary from Twitter to Facebook/Instagram) I highly recommend that you ditch the ‘Like’ button.

Twitter is an interactive platform so your best results will come from interacting with your followers. That’s one of the main differences between Twitter and other platforms. What does the ‘Like’ button say about you on Twitter?

  • I don’t have time for you so I’ll just press the like button instead of saying ‘thank you’ or interacting.
  • I’m not that interested in you so I’ll just press the Like button and hope that you read my posts.
  • I don’t understand algorithms and how they work so I’ll press the Like button and hope for the best.
  • I can’t be bothered to talk to my followers.

When scrolling down your twitter timeline you will see tweets from people you follow, sponsored (paid advertising) tweets and tweets that have been retweet by your followers.  You’ll never see a ‘Liked’ tweet!

The ‘Like’ button does have its uses though.  It’s a good way of saving tweets for future reference. Beyond that, I’m struggling to think of a good reason to use it on Twitter!


Free Advertising And Social Media Interaction With LincsConnect

I’ve said it many times before; the clue is in the name. ‘Social’ media should be exactly what it says in the title. Actually ‘talk’ to your followers.

There’s a TV advert for a room freshener implying that the character has gone ‘nose blind’.  In social media terms, if you post, post, post with no interaction your followers will see your posts but they won’t register in their mind.  However, if you ‘talk’ to your followers they’ll remember you as that nice person/business who takes an interest.  Obviously talking to your followers doesn’t mean telling them how good you are and what you have to sell them.  Instead, you need to show an interest in other people to let them know you care about them. Given time they will ask you what you do and what you have to offer.  As a result, you don’t need to do the ‘hard sell’.


#WhatsOnLincs – New To The LincsConnect Website

WhatsOnLincs is the new web page for sharing What's on in Lincolnshire posts by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

“…WhatsOnLincs is the new community web page on the LincsConnect website. You can use it to post free adverts from markets and car boot sales to charity events and entertainment, jobs, volunteering plus much more. You can even include pictures as well as links to websites.  It’s all FREE so be sure to use it to find out What’s on in Lincolnshire…”


Take a look at the blog link below to read the full #WhatsOnLincs blog. Don’t forget to recommend it to your friends and out of town visitors too so that they can discover what’s on in Lincolnshire.



It’s probably my shortest blog ever read but I hope you find it useful.


Massage Bliss with Mandarin Therapies. Mobile complementary therapies.



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Don't Rely On Algorithms by Lin csConnect LincsBlogger

Don’t Rely On Algorithms

WhatsOnLincs is the new web page for sharing What's on in Lincolnshire posts by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

See the #WhatsOnLincs blog in full


That’s It For Now

I hope you found this Free Advertising blog useful.

#LincsConnect putting the social back into social media

“Putting the social back into social media” #LincsConnect is always here for you. eMail

What’s On Lincs

What’s On Lincs

What’s On Lincs

What's On Lincs by LincsConnect Lincs Connect Lincolnshire Blogger Lincs Blogger

What’s On Lincs by LincsConnect. To access the database simply search using the # Hashtag. Type in #WhatsOnLincs to your social media search bar then ‘Enter’

What’s On Lincs

For those of you who haven’t seen it before or don’t know how to access the # Hashtag follow the steps below:

  1.  Go to your social media platform search bar
  2. Type #WhatsOnLincs
  3. Click ‘Enter’
  4. Go to ‘Latest’

That’s it! You’ll find the latest posts at the top so it’s easy to find information about the latest events.

What’s On Lincs – Post Your Own Notice

To add a post of your own simply add the hashtag #WhatsOnLincs to your message. I recommend that you keep the message short but add a picture or video explaining in more detail for those who are interested.

You’ll find the following format works well on social media:


#Location (add the location of the event). Date(s)  Times (from/to)
Brief description of the event
Please share (ask readers to share your message)

Don’t forget to add your picture/video/poster

Sharing What’s On Lincs Posts

We all want to have our posts shared around to reach as many people as possible of course. If you would like to have your posts shared by others, I highly recommend that you share posts for other people too. You’ll notice that the example above includes the #LincsConnect hashtag.  Search that hashtag to do a few shares and make a few positive comments.  By taking these simple steps you’ll become visible to more people on social media which will in turn improve your local reach.


I hope you find this short blog useful. The #WhatsOnLincs and #LincsConnect hashtags are always here for you and they only really work if ‘you’ use them.


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Call 07966 174878 to book your appointment.

What's on Lincs #WhatsOnLincs Mandarin Therapies

Mandarin Therapies 10% discount when quoting this blog

Guest Blog

Coastal Stories from Sutton-On-Sea by Lianne Havell. Click on the picture to go to the blog








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Click or tap on the picture to go to Around Me In Lincolnshire – Sleaford by LincsConnect








Stay Safe

Take care of yourself and those around you.

Lincs Connect LincsConnect #LincsConnect Lincolnshire Blogger LincsBlogger

      Your very own Lincolnshire Blogger – Copied but never bettered “Putting the social back into social media” #LincsConnect is always here for you.


Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Gala Events Pyro Picnic at the Lincolnshire Showground on 23 & 24 July. Click on the picture to book your tickets

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect, The Lincolnshire Blogger

The Gala Events Pyro Picnic by LincsConnect blog has been written as part of the Lincs Connect #WhatsOnLincs series of blogs.  If you would like a blog writing for your local event please do get in touch.  contact details are at the end of this blog.

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Gala Events Pyro Picnic by LincsConnect for WhatsOnLincs:  With the end of the pandemic lockdown very much in sight, now is the time to celebrate. What better way than with a ‘pyro picnic’ by Gala Events?  The whole event will be at the Lincolnshire Showground and includes food stalls, drinks, music, fairground and more.  Just in case you aren’t quite sure about ending the Covid19 restrictions, you’ll be pleased to know that the whole event will include a drive-in or walk in experience.  The news just seems to get better and better. Gala Events are putting on one of their championship winning fireworks displays for our delight.

Daylight Fireworks

Gala Fireworks are the proud winners of the British Fireworks Championships 2016.  Previous winners at Belvoir Castle Gala Fireworks have been more than used to taking the centre stage on the winners podium.  Victory after victory after victory – it’s a constant case of ‘updating’ and ‘pushing the boundaries’ of pyrotechnic displays to get to the top and stay there.  Having spoken to the Director Andy I can sense his enthusiasm for what he and Co Director Aaron do.  Together, along with the rest of their team I have absolutely no doubt at all that we’re in for a real treat on 23rd and 24th July.

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

With a pedigree like this I just know that we are all in for a big treat. Click on the picture to go to the Gala Fireworks website or why not email your enquiry to

Believe it or not, the first display will be visible in the daylight thanks to the paint powder technology.  It’s all brought to you with smoke effects, vivid colours and sound.  That’ll be followed by the evening display which will surely be an unforgettable experience.  Make sure you have your phone or camera charged up because you’re going to want to capture these special memories.

Light Fuse, Stand Well Back… 

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

When you’re a championship winning Firework Display Team you don’t tend to rely on a box of matches… Click on the picture to see the rest of this video from 2015 on YouTube. For telephone enquires call (01522) 214966 – no event is too big or too small.

Now is the time to celebrate with a ‘pyro picnic’ but don’t expect anyone to be lighting the fireworks with a match!  If you haven’t already, I suggest you click on the picture above to see how it’s done.

It’s a huge operation that takes skill and a lot of double checking. A large dose of passion to please the audience is right up there with their list of priorities too.  Based in Lincoln and Boston these guys are local and proud of it.  They are pushing the boundaries both with the artistic content of their displays and the quality of training of their staff but the company doesn’t define itself with their firework expertise alone.


Mandarin Therapies provides bespoke complementary therapies from the comfort of your own home throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. Therapies range from individually blended oils for your aromatherapy to Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage as well as Antenatal and Postnatal massage and tuition.  Call Mandarin Therapies @MandarinMothers on 07966 174878 to book your next appointment. For more information have a look at the website Mandarin Therapies 

Gala Events – Fireworks And More

You can be forgiven for thinking that Gala Events are centred around firework displays but read on to find out more:

Gala Events can organise everything from your event management to providing the bar, flowers, photography/videography, the marquees and even the portaloos. The firework displays need not always be on a huge scale either as they cater for weddings and parties.  If you have a group of 20 or 20,000 Gala probably have the event solution for you.

These credentials speak for themselves:

“We won the British championships in 2016 in Plymouth.
We have won the following firework Champions events….. Belvior Castle in 2013, Eastnor Castle in 2014 and Stanford Hall in 2016.
2nd place at Belvior Castle in 2017.
And 2nd place at the British pyromusical championships in Southport in 2014.
As Gala Events, We also won the Central England prestige award in 2020 for Event Entertainment Specialist of the Year.”
Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – Meet The Directors

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Meet Andy and Aaron, the two directors of Gala Events.

Gala events are a Lincolnshire company but don’t underestimate their national presence.  These two gents have been very busy all over the country with events to suite all occasions.I could ramble on and on but perhaps it’s best to let Andy and Aaron give you a glimpse of what they can offer.  Follow the link below to their Facebook page and scroll through for a bigger sample of what they provide:

Gala Events Ltd

Andy is the Operations Manager.  Everything you don’t see, do experience and certainly do enjoy is down to him.  Our safety is down to everyone but Andy oversees the operation of the projects. Here’s a little resume from the website:

“Andy has been around the professional firework display arena since 2002. He has fired many hundreds of displays and project managed some of Gala’s big successes, not least the 2016 British Championship win. Within the Gala family, he takes responsibility for many of the things that go on behind the scenes including the legal and financial elements of the business. He is constantly looking for new effects, and innovative ways to improve the final delivery ensuring Gala stay on top of their game.”

Aaron is the display and design manager so the heavy burden of what we see is down to him!  That’s a pretty hefty responsibility don’t you think?  Here’s what their website has to say:

“The magic you see from a Gala Display is all Aaron’s work. Aaron has a vast knowledge of effects, unrivalled enthusiasm, and a broad musical range. These all contribute towards his ability to design displays to any genre or for any occasion. Aaron has been producing breath-taking displays for many years. Always looking for that new effect or combination of design sequences that put Gala one step ahead. He also controls social media activities to keep the public up to date…   If you want to talk fireworks – Aaron is your man!”

Having chatted to Andy it’s refreshing to hear that Gala Events are passionate about supporting local businesses.  That’s a theme that I’ve been running on Lincs Connect since its start.  In fact, you could say that supporting everything Lincolnshire is a passion of mine so it’s nice to hear this team share my enthusiasm.

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Click on the picture to go straight to the box office. Grab your tickets early before it’s too late!


Gala Events Pyro Picnic – Running Order

The running order is subject to small changes depending on the light on the night but here is a fairly accurate itinerary for the Pyro Picnic evening:

17.00Hrs  Gates Open

The air will be filled with family friendly music played by the resident Gala Events DJ.  He’ll be taking requests on the night via social media so make sure you’re following in advance.

19.30Hrs  Mororbike Stunt team

Aaron Stannage has been performing motorbike stunts with the team from the age of 3 and is now running the Stannage Stunt Team.  A quick check of the website gives you an insight into what we will be treated to.  You might want to have a look for yourself:

21.00Hrs  Daylight Fireworks Show

You’ll need to see it to believe it but this aerial show is certainly going to be fabulous.

22.00Hrs  Grand Finale

The evening will have been fabulous I’m sure but this is probably ‘the’ event you’ve been waiting for.  What display could be better than a championship level display?  Be prepared to be wowed by the perfectly timed fireworks display with music. Make sure your camera is fully charged!

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – Relax

The gates open at 5.00pm but don’t stress if you’re still travelling home from work as the show doesn’t start until around 7.30pm.  However, the earlier you arrive, the more chance you’ll have to enjoy everything else that has been organised for you.  You won’t be able to miss the fun fair of course so if you want to enjoy the rides make sure you make your way over there early. Alas, I get travel sickness on the Children’s ‘Tea Cup’ ride so I’ll have to be content with watching the fun.  I know my son and friends will be enjoying themselves here though.  I just hope they discover the fun-fair before finding the bar!

Ferry Ales Brewery will be taking care of your drinking needs throughout the evening and I can personally recommend them.  Gala Events have thought of everything of course so if your priority list doesn’t include the funfair or the bar there is still a shopping village to keep your attention.  You’ll find lots of local traders there from wax melts and other gift stalls to holiday Travel Counsellors and sweets.  If that doesn’t appeal perhaps you might like to talk to Soper BMW about your next car.

Whether you take your own picnic or buy food from one of the many local stalls you’re bound to have a good time.  If you like what you see so far, don’t forget that there is more to enjoy than is printed in this short blog!

Contact Gala Events

The team are contactable through their websites Gala Events Ltd (currently under re-construction) and Gala Fireworks  If you’re on social media follow them on Twitter @Gala_Events_Ltd and Facebook Gala Events.  The social media platforms will be live during the events for you to make requests with the resident DJ so follow early and to keep up to date with this and other events.  As always, there is always the telephone back up so why not give them a call on (01522) 214966


Gala Events Pyro Picnic - Gala Fireworks Shop

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Post Event…

The Pyro Picnic has happened and was a great success.  I thought it would be nice to share a few insights with you along with a few more pictures and a video.  Enjoy…

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – Setting Up

Just another day in the office! The fireworks are all set up and the display is ready to go – just a few final adjustments to be made by Aaron on his laptop.  When you’re out in the field, the field becomes your office and the desk is covered in grass!

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Final adjustments…

When only the best is good enough it’s best to check and check again. Those final adjustments make all the difference…

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Final checks and adjustments

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

The sound guys helping keep us all entertained

The party wouldn’t be right without some local food and drinks of course so here are a few snapshots of some local traders:

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Food and drink to keep the picnic going

Jaguars on parade…

Live Entertainment

Using bikes, quads and a fair amount of petrol the stunt team certainly kept the crowds entertained during the day

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Single and two bike jumps plus the human torch to entertain the crowds during the day

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – Daytime Fireworks

We all know how spectacular the fireworks are at night but these daytime fireworks add a different dimension.  A perfect choice for wedding and family celebrations during the daytime. The video doesn’t really do them justice but here goes anyway…

It’s all done with special paints and sound to complete the daytime effect.  The end result is both a ground level and airborne display.

Gala Events Pyro Picnic Daytime fireworks By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

Meanwhile, close to ground level, the colours are pretty spectacular

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – The Sky Darkens

As the sun disappears and the darkness depends it’s time for a quick video to show off the event from the vantage point of the back of my truck:

The Pyro Picnic as dusk falls

Gala Events Pyro Picnic – As Night Falls

While others took their seats for the main event I took to the tailgate of my truck to gain good vantage point. The reflections on the cars show just how bright the fireworks were.

Gala Events Pyro Picnic By LincsConnect For #WhatsOnLincs

A stunning display and a silhouette

The Official Display Video


Until Next Time…

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