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WhatsOnLincs Explained

WhatsOnLincs is the Lincolnshire based community web page on the LincsConnect website. You can use it to post free adverts from markets and car boot sales to charity events and entertainment, jobs, volunteering plus much more. You can even include pictures as well as links to websites.  It’s all FREE so be sure to use it to find out What’s on in Lincolnshire.

During one of the weekly #LincsConnect Hour evenings on Twitter (X) the overwhelming response to “where do you advertise to reach new customers locally” was “there isn’t anywhere”.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other websites available in the County but they focus on the larger events.  As a result I devised the WhatsOnLincs page to include sole traders and small events as well as the larger ones.

Free Advertising

Free advertising – can this really be true?

All adverts are on the page are free to post. No commitment and no catch!


While adverts are free to post it is possible to sponsor the website.  Each paid advert will appear on every page of the site including the pages where people post their free adverts and where the general public search the website.

If you would like to sponsor the website with an annual advert please get in touch.  Your sponsorship will help to pay for the additional storage space and upgrade of the package that will inevitably be required to grow the site.

WhatsOnLincs – Part Of The Dream

This page has been a part of my dream for LincsConnect for many years.  As a community, self funded project finances have been tight. As a result, being a bit of a technophobe, I’ve struggled to get the website updated.

With finances in short supply for this community project, good will and community spirit are what’s needed to make things happen.  I’m a firm believer in helping others with no expectation for reward.  However, it’s really good news when someone steps forward to offer help.

WIN, WIN With WhatsOnLincs

WhatsOnLincs, WhatsOnLincolnshire, What's on Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Discover Events And More on WhatsOnLincs

Advertising is FREE so that means WhatsOnLincs is a great place to search for events, sales, special offers, jobs and much more.

Using the site is easy. It’s open to everyone to view so locals and out of area visitors alike can take advantage of WhatsOnLincs. The page is located on the LincsConnect website and is easily searchable from Google and other search engines.

Arriving on the page you’ll immediately see some of the free adverts. Searching by ‘date’ is a good way to find out what’s on in Lincolnshire and our surrounding area.  The site really is easy to use but if you happen to encounter any problems please do get in touch.

With headings being added as they are needed I’m sure you’ll find something here. There’s everything from markets to jobs and festivals to lost, missing and stolen.

Have a look to see what you think and please don’t forget to tell your friends.

How To Upload An Advert

When uploading your advert consider these tips:

  1.  When choosing a title for your advert make it look like something you would search for on Google or any other search engine. Typing “Join Us On Saturday” doesn’t tell people (or search engines) what you are actually advertising. Instead you should be more specific.  “Lincolnshire Show” is a very specific title that will definitely result in internet searches.
  2. When typing your text (staying with the same example as 1. above) start with something like “Lincolnshire Show – find me at stand xxx on both days.  Be sure to say hello and let us know where you saw our advert.
  3. No 2. above is a very specific invitation to get people to visit you at the show.  Be sure to add your name in your advert so that people know who they are looking for. Likewise, add your own website or social media details in the contact info while posting your advert.
  4. Adding a date for your event: If your event is over one or two days then include those dates when typing the description for your advert.  However, if your event is over several dates during the year I highly recommend that you place an advert for each date individually to make them stand out. There is no harm in copying and pasting your text from your original advert onto subsequent adverts to save yourself some time.

Thank You

My dream to help connect the County and our neighbours was given a huge boost when Jason from J & S Plumbing And Heating came forward to help set up the page on my website for me.  Thank you Jason, WhatsOnLincs wouldn’t have materialised without your help.

With community in mind, Jason has also produced some helpful information blogs and videos so please do take a look at his website to see them for yourself.

Here is a link to one of his more recent blogs:

J & S Plumbing And Heating on WhatsOnLincs, What's on Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBloggerClick Here to go straight to the blog

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