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The Lincs Connect networking sessions are understandably on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic but will resume once restrictions are lifted.  Do get in touch if you would like a networking session near you.

Here’s a tip on using the # Hashtag for networking Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:


Confusing? Or should I say #confusing

In reality the # Hashtag is an extremely useful tool.  If you understand how to use it you’ll quickly realise just how useful and even ‘powerful’ it can be.

Have you ever been frustrated by a company who ignore your letters, emails and tweets? Instead of ‘ranting’ on a tweet simply type your message and include the hashtag #fail at the end.  You will almost certainly get a rapid response! The reason being, ‘anyone’ in the whole world can search the  hashtag files and to have the tag #fail in one of your tweets is really not desirable!

THAT is powerful.  However, they can be very useful in other ways too.  What if you have a special offer at work? Let’s say ‘Rainbows are half price for the whole of June’ but only for those who present the special discount code.

Let’s say then that the special code is #Rainbow50.  Now you can see anyone who uses that code on their tweets and you will be able to see who is interested in your special offer.  Just by tapping or clicking on #Rainbow50 when you are using Twitter you’ll be able to see your clients/potential clients, collate the information and use it for your marketing. Another easy way to check your hashtag is to type it into the search bar on your social media platform.

#valentinesday is a useful tag at the right time of year but it’s used around the world so wouldn’t be specific to your advertising. Instead you could use your name to identify the tag as your own offer. If your company name is ‘XYZ’ you could have used the hashtag #xyzvalentinesday – you would now have your own tag! Give it a go today.

Create your own hashtag today and see how useful it can be.  Here’s how:

Find a unique name for your specific hashtag.  It’s no use using a hashtag that is already in use by others so do your research first.

To find out if a hashtag is already in use simply type it into the search bar on your social media platform.  If nothing is found, that means it’s free to use.

Once you’ve decided on the name of your hashtag and have put it into use, don’t forget to check it daily.

That’s it!  You and your hashtag are good to go.

Try typing in #LincsConnect to the search bar on Twitter or Facebook.  You’ll see lots of local users there so why not say hello to a few of them and start your free networking today?

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