The Lincolnshire Blogger

The Lincolnshire Blogger

The Original Lincolnshire Blogger

The original Lincolnshire Blogger (AKA Martin Thomas, ‘Simply Fit’) came to prominence in January 2011 (with the Lincolnshire Blogger concept being born in 2009) and quickly grew in popularity. The dedicated website followed in November 2015.

Initially writing as a columnist in the Lincolnshire Echo, The Target, Retford Times, Horncastle News, Louth Leader, Market Rasen Mail, Weddings Today and a few other newspapers and magazines the theme has always remained the same.  Helping and informing people has, and is still at the top of the agenda for the newspaper and web based blogs and columns.

The Original Lincolnshire Blogger – The Beginnings

Initially the published works began as health and fitness columns with links to local charities, organisations and clubs to help give them a voice in the media.

The first regular column was instigated on 7 September 2011 in The Lincolnshire Echo but prior to that the published writing goes back to November 2009 in my capacity as the sponsor for The Midwife Of The Year (MOTY).  The domain names were established at the same time while waiting for the website to be built.

Here are a couple of my early columns dating back to 2011 and early 2012:

The Lincolnshire Blogger newspaper columns by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Early Columns


The Lincolnshire Blogger – Moving On

The popularity of my columns soon grew and demand increased as more invitations for writing and radio interviews began to arrive. I wrote articles both as ‘Simply Fit’ and ‘Lincolnshire Blogger’ but the latter didn’t take off properly until 2015.

Fast forward to Covid in 2020. The blogs took on a new focus. The supportive blogs to help and inform people were gratefully received.

The Last Blogs Before Covid

The last Blogs before the pandemic included ‘New Website’ and ‘The New Logo’  with one of the last blogs being an advertising blog for the ‘Comedy Hotspot’ events. Little did I know what was going to happen in just a matter of days after its publication!

Comedy Hotspot in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Little did we know what was to come in just a few days time! If you would like to read one of the last blogs before the Pandemic lockdown just click on this link: Comedy Hotspot

The Lincolnshire Blogger With Covid

It’s ironic that it took a major pandemic to shake me out of my fear of writing blogs.  Everything up until then felt like ‘practice’ for the real thing!

Having contracted Covid the day before lockdown I was quarantined in the house. Luckily my bedroom was next door to my office so as a result  I made use of my time by brushing up on my blogging skills. The writing has always been easy for me. The fear of the technology (along with my dyslexia) had been holding me back.  I find the computer quite easy to use but WordPress (the website & blogging platform) somehow felt extremely difficult.

My first lockdown blog doesn’t look the slickest in the world but it was the start of my ever improving blogging journey. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials and the help from the local Twitter community.

#LincsConnect by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

“Have We Become Numb” was the first lockdown blog of many. Thankfully they improved over time! Click on the blue link above if you would like to have a look.


Moving Up-To-Date

We faced many challenges during the pandemic and the LincsConnect blogs certainly went a long way towards helping people to navigate their way through it.  Post pandemic blogging helped us through new challenges as many of us were nervous about reverting back to our pre-pandemic lifestyle.  Once again, I did my bit with my blogs to help as many people as possible.

Blogs For Advertising

Rather than becoming ‘old fashioned’, blogging has become even more relevant recently as many people turn away from familiar social media platforms and embrace new ones.  Readership has become very fragmented across the many platforms with ever more confusing sites launching on a regular basis. Twitter has certainly changed (not for the better) and Facebook experiences ever increasing updates which makes it more and more difficult to navigate.  The blog has remained constant and as a result continues to be the perfect advertising medium.


Gala Fireworks on WhatsOnLincs, what's on in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Gala Fireworks used a LincsConnect blog to advertise their event at the Lincolnshire Showground. The blog is extremely useful as it’s much bigger than a standard advert. It contains more information than a standard newspaper editorial yet has a small link that can be easily copied and posted on any social media platform. The link comes with its own advertising picture (of your choice) which can be embedded onto a website as a permanent advert. All in all, it ‘is’ the perfect advertising tool.  Click on the blue link above to see how effective a blog can be for advertising.


Take Your Advertising Forward

Get in touch if you would like to have a blog written for your business, organisation or charity.  It’s ideal for advertising on any platform so contact me if you would like more information.

Alternatively, if you already write your own blogs you can get in touch to chat about sharing links.

LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger




LincsConnect Hour

LincsConnect Hour

The LincsConnect Hour

The LincsConnect Hour is on Twitter (X) every Monday evening from 8.00pm.

The #LincsConnect Hour is on Twitter (X) every Monday from 8.00pm by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

The #LincsConnect Hour is on Twitter (X) on Monday evenings from 8.00pm

How To Join The LincsConnect Hour

Hop across to Twitter (X) on Monday evenings from 8.00pm. It’s simple to join in, all you need to do is go to the Twitter search bar, type in #LincsConnect then tap on the ‘search’ button if you’re using the App or hit ‘return’ if you’re logged in from a computer search engine. The tap or click ‘Latest’.

That’s it! Once you’re there, simply follow the instructions from whoever is hosting the Hour. The #LincsConnect Hour often starts off with introductions and adverts along with an invitation for embers to post any adverts they may have.  General chat between members follows as part of the introductions then sometime around 8.10pm the host will post a question.  There are often 3 or 4 questions during the Hour but the format is flexible and dependant on the host on the night.

This Monday

#LincsConnect Hour on Twitter X every Monday evening from 8.00pm

Get in touch if you would like to be a guest host


Please do join us on Twitter at 8.00pm on 20 May 24 to discuss gardens, gardening, tips and trends. If you are organising an open garden or garden event please do tell us about it. Likewise, if you have some tips for gardens to visit please let us know.

Who Can Host?

Hosting is open to all local followers so if you would like to have a go just get in touch to organise a date.

Why Host?

Hosting is a great way to get yourself known and is ideal for promoting what you do. It’s FREE networking across the whole County and more often than not, the #LincsConnect hashtag can be found ‘trending’ across the world. That’s great free advertising for you!

#LincsConnect Hour on Monday evenings is a great way to advertise locally, nationally and globally. By LincsConnect, the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Use this template for your advertising when you host the #LincsConnect Hour


That’s it! I told you it was simple!!


This blog is sponsored by Mandarin Therapies

Contact Mandarin Therapies for your mobile complementary therapies, injury prevention and rehabilitation sessions. Tel 07966 174878

LincsConnect Hour Host Advertising

Hosts can now have their details and advert added to this blog so let me know if you would like to host and advertise. You can use this blog to advertise the fact that you are hosting and encourage more people to join you. The more people who join, the more exposure your advert gets!

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) on Monday evening.




New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – The same Old Story

Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

New beginnings with Mandarin Fitness – Exercise, diet, protein, carbohydrates, High Intensity Interval Training, Injury….. You’ve heard it all before.

Every January all of these topics will have probably been bombarding you from morning till night.  You can’t escape it in January and you are ‘expected’ to have a New Year resolution. The expectation is that you will want or need to lose weight and get fit. Fast forward to pre-summer holidays and watch it all repeat again!

Reality Check

The realities are though that the majority of people who take up exercise and a new diet plan in January are doomed to failure.  Why though? Is it because you have been pressured into it by the media, celebrities, friends, families and Personal Trainers?

Perhaps you feel under pressure to conform with what is expected of you?  Here is a question and answer for the ladies:

“How do you get a bikini body?” The answer is simple “put a bikini on!”

Bikini Diet with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The picture on the left is the real image. The picture on the right has been edited to portray ‘the perfect body’ image

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – Don’t Be Pressured

The point I’m trying to make here is that whatever happens, you mustn’t feel pressured or bullied into conforming to the ‘skinny body’ picture that you may have in your mind.  The ‘six pack’ may never happen for you.  It’s a fact and I would like you to hold that in your mind.

We are all different and that is a fact too.

Body Type

Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph are three distinctly different body types.  You are what you are and, like it or not, that’s the way it is.  You can search any of those body types on the internet for a full description to save me rambling on here but the reality is that regardless of how many nuts and seeds you eat or litres off water you drink your body type will never change.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just give up and pretend that any weight issues you may have just don’t matter.  On the contrary, we know that an increased waist circumference is linked to heart disease, stroke and some cancers.  We also know that too little body fat carries health problems too.

Morphology with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Morphology – you are what you are!


So where does this leave you? Hopefully not confused!

Do you need to exercise? Of course you do!  Your body type may dictate that you will never be lean with a six pack so do you stop considering what you eat? Of course not!  Remember, “Everything in moderation

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – Your Health Is In Your Hands

If you don’t enjoy exercise and prefer to eat comfort food then consider this:  “Your health is in your hands” – you should love yourself and the body you’re in so don’t try to reach the unreachable goal.

You can change habits though and there is plenty of professional help around from health professionals to fitness professionals. Consider ‘functional fitness’ as a goal.  Many of you may not want to go to the gym or take up running but can you get out of your chair easily? Could you run or jog a short distance if you need to? Can you lie down and get back up again with ease?  If the answer to these questions is ‘no’ then perhaps you need to consider your perception of fitness.

Take your body type (whatever it is) for a walk, swim or cycle. Don’t cut out carbohydrates from your diet but you can drastically cut down by reducing confectionary.  It’s a good start!

If you are new to exercise, self conscious, unable to move as well as you should but would like to make improvements then you might like to contact me for help. I will visit you for a dedicated 1 to 1 consultation but I’m afraid there will be the normal charges for that service.

If you have any questions about starting exercise please don’t hesitate to contact me.


March is my busiest month of the year. Why? Because so many people are too enthusiastic at the start of their fitness/activity journey and trainers often push people to exercise beyond their safe limits.  March is the time when my phone is most active with people asking for help.  Don’t be a statistic. Take your time to ease into exercise. There is no rush, you have the rest of your life to get it right!

Biomechanics Coaching for injury prevention and rehabilitation with Mandarin Fitness in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Biomechanics coaching with Mandarin Fitness in Lincolnshire for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation

Until Next Time…

That’s it for now. I hope you find this blog useful. If you have any comments or would like any more information please do get in touch.

LincsConnect putting the social back into social media

You can email or call me on 07966 174878.  You can also visit the website or for a quick response you will find me on twitter @MANDARINLEISURE @MandarinFitness @MandarinMothers of Facebook MandarinFitness

Mandarin Fitness Detox

Mandarin Fitness Detox

Mandarin Fitness Detox

Mandarin Fitness Detox – Did you over indulge over the Christmas holidays? Perhaps Easter was a chocolate fest? Are you ready to detox?

Mandarin Fitness Detox by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

When Is The Best Time?

The simple answer is ‘NOW’

Now is the time detox. In fact, you’re already doing it.  You don’t need to buy a special Drink or go on a special ‘detox’ diet so put your credit card away.

Mandarin Fitness Detox – Every Day

Your body is detoxifying itself every single day of your life. It does it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, every year since the day you born.

If your body stops detoxifying itself, get medical help as a matter of urgency!

What Do You Need To Know About Detox?

Mandarin Fitness Detox by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger


The End

That’s it! There is no more to say about ‘detox’ other than to remind you to save your money by not believing the adverts that telly otherwise.


Mandarin Fitness Personal Trainer in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

If you like this blog please do feel free to comment. Likewise, if you would like any other health and fitness advice please do feel free to contact me.



Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss

Happy New Year With Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss

Here is a new series of blogs for you, starting with ‘Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss’ tips for the New Year.

With 33 years experience as a Personal Trainer I’m here to help you on your journey to health and happiness.

Over Indulged?

Christmas has been and gone already!  Did you buy enough chocolates, alcohol, savoury snacks and treats to last the day…..week?

I’ve heard it said that many people consume around 4000 ‘extra’ Calories per day over the Christmas holidays.  To put this into perspective; in order to burn off 1Lb of body fat you’ll need to burn an ‘extra’ 3500 Calories.  Those ‘extra’ Calories means an awful lot of exercise! Read on for useful tips.

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss – Don’t Despair

Mandarin Fitness weight loss by LincsConnect the :Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Don’t despair…

Gaining 5Lb (2-3kg) over the Christmas period isn’t really such a big deal so don’t despair. Body weight naturally fluctuates on a daily basis so resist the temptation to succumb to the advertising hype from the big companies. You ‘will’ be bombarded with the latest eating craze, special diets and prepared meals from all of the media and social media channels. ‘Don’t Despair – Do Resist’ the temptation to follow the crowd. Hold onto your money (at least until you’ve finished reading this blog) because you may find some simple and cheaper alternatives.

The Six Pack

Mandarin Fitness weight loss by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Your 6 pack is always there but sometimes it needs a bit of work to tone it up. You’ll need to be very lean (very little body fat) to be able to see it, but it is there

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I don’t particularly subscribe to the ‘six pack’ club. My preferred mantra is ‘healthy’ rather than obsessive.  Don’t get me wrong though, the ‘six pack’ is good – but it’s just not a realistic goal for everyone.  So, what can the answer be for those of us who don’t aspire to that type of figure or realistically understand that the ‘lean, mean, fighting machine’ body is never going to be achievable?

Here are some simple rules:

  1. Don’t feel guilty if you think you over indulged over the Christmas period.
  2. Love yourself as you are.
  3. Aspire to be healthy, pain free and able to move freely.
  4. Be prepared to make small changes on a regular basis to make sure you reach your goals.
  5. Be active and stay active.

I can think of many more rules but these five will hold you in good stead for the foreseeable future.

We all know that the consequences of over indulgence and not enough exercise can be fatal. Don’t obsess with your fitness and weight loss programme though. There are some simple changes that you can implement to help make lasting changes.

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss – Small Changes

If you’re asking yourself “what should I do to help myself?” try starting with these simple tips:

  1. Make small, healthy changes to your diet.
  2. Don’t rush to make big changes all at once. The smaller changes are more likely to become habits that will be long lasting.
  3. Don’t run a marathon! Over exercising is the biggest cause of injury and it happens ‘every’ New Year! Becoming a statistic isn’t part of the game plan.
  4. Invest in appropriate clothing and footwear.
  5. Join a structured club or class that you are likely to enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the exercise you probably won’t stick at it.

Walking Is Free

Our digital age provides technology to help motivate us. In addition we have nice cameras on our phones so we can use them to help give us a reason for walking.

There are many free Apps available to help track our walks and activity. As an iPhone user I utilise the built in fitness App to track my activity and walks for myself and my client sessions. Other Apps available including ‘Map My Walk’ and ‘Strava’. A photo taken during the walk is a lovely way to record your activity too.

If you normally drink a late or cappuccino coffee try swapping it for an Americano coffee. Likewise, if you always eat ready meals, challenge yourself to cook a healthy meal instead. If you have a takeaway meal every week change it to once a month.

If you don’t normally go for a walk try starting off with 1 mile (1.5km) at a time on a daily basis. Your fitness levels ‘will’ improve and your weight ‘will’ reduce. These very simple change ideas can make a world of difference to your life.  Adapting the idea to suite yourself is a perfect way to make permanent changes.

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss – Superfoods

There is no such thing as a ‘superfood’.  I’ll say that again in case you aren’t sure what you just read: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SUPERFOOD!

Don’t be fooled by the adverts on TV.

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss – Exercises

Here are a few ideas for exercises that you might find useful. Don’t forget to start off gently to avoid injury.  It’s better to stop while you’re feeling good than to push to fatigue then suffer the consequences later.

Mandarin Fitness exercises by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Mandarin Fitness Weight Loss Challenge

Small changes make all the difference. Challenge yourself to make a few small changes this month.


Mandarin Fitness weight loss by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

If you would like more help or information you can contact Martin on 07966 174878