LincsConnect is the ideal opportunity to chat and connect with local businesses.

Originally a twitter based networking platform for Lincolnshire accounts only, the concept has now grown to include other platforms and has stretched its borders to include neighbouring towns.

LincsConnect is constantly evolving of course so the original concept is now growing into a web based platform rather than a social media based platform.  It’s fair to say that exciting times are ahead so keep watching to see what’s coming next.


As a concept LincsConnect is very simple.  It has been run successfully for several years on a ‘buddy’ system where users search the hashtag #LincsConnect and share some of the content that they find there by other users.  Connections are made and the free networking begins.

If we can’t support each other how are we going to work together and grow our businesses?  ‘Now’ more than ever is the time to work together and now is the time for LincsConnect to help you.  

With the addition of featured and seasonal hashtags we now have places to post specific posts (on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) to reach interested audiences.  Typically you can find lots of gift ideas for Christmas by searching the #LincsConnectChristmas hashtag while other hashtags include #WhatsOnLincs and #LincsConnectJobs as well as the weekly #LincsArtCraftHour.  If you enjoy networking and would like to chat to other local members why not join our #LincsConnect Hour on Monday evenings from 8.00pm?  You’ll find lots of lively chat there and with questions posed by our featured guest hosts you’ll be guided through the hour with ease. 

Together we will be a formidable team!

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‪#‎LincsConnect‬ is very powerful, especially for a tiny business starter like me. It has built my entire Twitter profile 😊😊
Thank you 📸🐶

‎John Ferrett‎