How To Use LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

How To Use LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

LincsConnect In Lincolnshire

How to use LincsConnect in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The LincsConnect account is here for you to use. Here’s how to make the most of the hashtag in Lincolnshire:

Many people choose to add the hashtag #LincsConnect to their tweets and rely on the @LincsConnect Twitter account to retweet for them. However, it’s possible to get much more from the hashtag and this video will show you how:

Leaving your tweet for @LincsConnect to retweet for you has its limitations. Many people (wrongly) assume that @LincsConnect is run by a marketing company with dedicated time to manage the account. The reality is that the account is managed by one volunteer with limited time to spend on the account during the day and evening.

By following the tips on the YouTube clip above you’ll be able to create your own network from the #LincsConnect users. When you support each other, your network will grow and by using the hashtag, others will see your conversations too. As a result, while you are busy growing your own network, you’ll find it’ll also improve organically as more people join you. With almost 13,000 ‘local’ Lincolnshire followers, joining the @LincsConnect family will make perfect sense for you, your organisation, business or charity.

Why You Don’t Need To Include The @LincsConnect Address

While using the #LincsConnect ‘hashtag’ it’s worth noting that you don’t need to include the @LincsConnect ‘address’ in the same tweet!  When you use the # hashtag you’re sending your tweet to the database for all to see and interact with.  However, if you use the ‘@’ account name you’re sending your tweet to just one person!  It’s all in the video so hopefully it makes sense now.

‘Quote’ Sparingly

When retweeting posts you’ll be given the option to ‘Repost’ or ‘Quote’ (Repost with a comment). The retweet (or repost as it’s now called) is by far the most effective way of helping to increase the visibility of tweets by others.  Retweeting shows you support others by moving the retweeted post onto your timeline. It’s a very helpful way of supporting others, especially if they have very few followers.

The ‘quote’ option is only helpful if you own a powerful account that enjoys lots of engagement. The quoted tweet is shown as your own tweet for your followers to see. However, if your account isn’t powerful with a large engagement rate you won’t be doing anyone any favours by quoting! When quoting someone else’s tweet instead of retweeting it you’re effectively stopping the tweet from being seen by others.  Think carefully before quoting a tweet and use the option sparingly.

LincsConnect In Lincolnshire Is Non-Political

The aim of the #LincsConnect hashtag is to support each other.  However, please be aware that the hashtag is strictly non-political and non-religious.  As a result, any political, religious, hateful or offensive (including bad language) messages will be dealt with swiftly.

LincsConnect Hour In Lincolnshire

Join us on Monday evening at 8.00pm for the #LincsConnect Hour where you’ll find lots of locals chatting. We often have guest hosts too so it’s always interesting.  Follow the instructions in the video above to join in with the Hour. If you would like to host the Hour please do get in touch.

#LincsConnect Hour by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Join the Twitter based #LincsConnect Hour on Mondays at 8.00pm

WhatsOnLincs By LincsConnect

During a #LincsConnect Hour one Monday evening I asked where people were advertising for their events etc. The overwhelming response was that there is nowhere to advertise that covers the whole County!

After suggesting a dedicated page on the website for everyone to advertise for free the response by 100% of the people was ‘yes please’. You can use it now to discover what’s on in Lincolnshire and our surrounding area as well as post your events and much more.

I asked, you responded so I organised it.  The WhatsOnLincs website page has been developed especially for you. You can use it to post your events, special offers, vacancies etc by completing the simple ‘Event Submission’ form on the LincsConnect website. It is hoped to cover the whole of the What’s On Lincolnshire categories. However, if you try to post something and can’t find a suitable category, just ask me to add it for you. If you want to find out what’s going on in the County just go to the ‘WhatsOnLincs’ page and type in the date that you are searching for. This is quickly becoming a very popular site to find out what’s on in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

It ‘is’ that simple!

WhatsOnLincs, What's On Lincolnshire, What's on Lincoln, WhatsOnLincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

Click or tap on the link to go straight to the WhatsOnLincs (WhatsOnLincolnshire) page

Paid Adverts

If you would like to advertise on the LincsConnect website please get in touch. Paid adverts are visible on every page and will be seen by anyone placing a free advert or searching for information on the WhatsOnLincs page. You can contact me through the ‘Contact‘ page on the website of click on this link to email me directly:

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I look forward to tweeting with you soon.