Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House on 29 June 2024. There are some serious park run tourists out there, visiting A-Z of park runs around the Globe. I don’t consider myself to be one of them. However, I do confess that if invited to a Wedding, on a weekend away or holiday, the first thing I do is look up the nearest park run. Surely I’m not the only one?
Today I’m with some of the ‘Just Run Lincoln’ crew who are on our monthly tourist tour, visiting different park runs.  I already have experience of the course, having been twice before.  It’s a two lap course taking you down the long drive, around parkland and past the front of the magnificent Belton House.  I would say the course is 80% trail. That’s very different from what our crew is use to.
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Park Run Tourism at Belton House

Park Run Tourism – Belton House The Start

After a short  first timer/ tourist brief we took our places at the start. The start covers an exceptionally wide area with runners on both the grass and the drive. This made for an easier start with no bottle necks.  The number of dogs was particularly noticeable and audible. However, both owners and dogs were all very well behaved during the run.
By the time we had reached the turning point (about midway down the drive) the pack had thinned out making it easy to move onto the trail section. A family of swans could be seen sat at the corner watching everyone with interest. With eyes back on the trail it was time to focus on the rabbit holes. I needn’t have worried though as they were marked with little white flags.

Sheep On The Run!

A glance to the right and I could see the park deer in the far field then I noticed the sheep. OMG the sheep were running on mass directly towards the next corner. Watching the runners and sheep ahead I could see that all were being very courteous.  Both the runners and sheep seemed to dodge each other without effecting pace.  What a relief!
The course isn’t entirely flat as you will find as you run up towards the house to the start of the second lap and eventually the finish funnel.  The good news is that final section is flat, wide and on a path. There was plenty of scope to pick up the pace for a fast finish.

Post Run Coffee

Having cheered each other in we piled into the stables cafe to refuel and dissect our run.  The others hadn’t run Belton before and were all surprised it was a trail run. The takeaway point here is read the write up to avoid surprises. (@parkrunUK)
We will be voting on our next park run tour in the coming weeks but in the meantime it’s back to the training. If you fancy a bit of tourism yourselves head to the friendliest park run I know (of course I am biased !) in Boutham Park, Lincoln  Happy running everyone.

Happy Running