For A Lincolnshire Christmas Use #LincsConnectChristmas

For a Lincolnshire Christmas use #LincsConnectChristmas on your tweets to reach more local people. Search the hashtag to find lots of lovely gift ideas and bargains. If you’re wondering who is posting on the hashtag I suggest you have a look today. The hashtag isn’t just for Twitter though;  There are posts on Facebook and Instagram too so go to your search bar and type in #LincsConnectChristmas to see what comes up.

For Christmas use #LincsConnectChristmas by LincsConnect, Lincs Connect Lincolnshire Blogger Lincs Blogger

For Christmas use #LincsConnectChristmas – A Lincolnshire Christmas

I don’t want to say “I told you so” but…. ‘I told you so’ way back in September! Christmas is coming early this year as people fear uncertain times ahead.  Christmas shopping has started early for most people. If you’re a small business who isn’t prepared yet you’re in danger of missing out on your local market.

First posted in October 2020, this blog is still relevant today. Prices are rising, bills are escalating and interest rates are heading upwards.  Plan early to make sure you don’t get caught out. 

Many people have started (or already finished) Christmas shopping! Coupled with the growing numbers of unemployed and financially challenged, the ‘Big Boys’ will be putting on some huge discounts to increase High Street footfall and spending.  Don’t miss out. Start selling and marketing our Christmas products now.  Contact me to discuss a plan.

Hosting the #LincsConnect Hour on Twitter is an ideal way to reach out to locals. Get in touch today to arrange a date to host your Hour. I’ll say it again “For A Lincolnshire Christmas Use #LincsConnectChristmas“.

#LincsConnectChristmas is a seasonal hashtag which ‘trends’ globally each year so use it to reach out to your new customers. The #LincsConnect hashtag is here for you every single day of the year so I recommend using them both. To increase your chances of your messages being seen I recommend using both hashtags together.

Shop Online In Lincolnshire And Beyond

Shopping online is set to increase with the multi-nationals gearing up to steal the market.  ‘Now’ is the time for the local independent traders to get their offers onto their websites and online shops. You can’t expect everyone to find you and buy your products though!  Make sure you use your social media platforms to guide customers to your shop.

Once you’ve posted your goodies onto your online shop or local High Street shop you need to be working flat out to advertise. Continuous posting on social media will bring sales but not enough.  You need to interact with people to get them to want your product. Sell, sell, sell doesn’t work on social media so for best results get chatting.  Obviously your followers know what you do so you’ll need to reach out to new customers if you want to make your advertising work. Online shopping is very attractive in the current pandemic so ‘now’ is the time to get talking and making your social media sites look Christmassy.

Lincolnshire, Regional and National Deliveries

Many items can be posted in the normal way of course but if you have awkward sized gifts you might want to employ a courier. Including the cost of the courier in the sale price of the gift is an ideal way to plan finances.  Negotiate with local couriers early will be your best bet for good prices and guaranteed time slots.

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Click on the picture to visit @manwhitevanhire on twitter

Travel may be a problem this year so grandparents may want to send a bike to grandchildren by courier. What about plants? Transporting plants by post can be difficult so a courier may be your best option. Negotiating rates early may be a good idea so perhaps now is the time to get it organised.

Charity Shops

Don’t forget our local charity shops when you’re shopping this year. As a result of de-cluttering during the lockdown, charity shops have had a bumper intake of stock. ‘Now’ is your chance to grab a bargain while helping out your local community. Many items will be brand new too so it’s always worth popping in.


LincsConnect Mandarin Leisure discount for emergency services, armed forces and veterans

Stresses can increase during this time of year and injuries never take a holiday so contact @MandarinTherapies for your treatments. Tel 07966 174878. Emergency services and Armed Forces enjoy 20% discount too. 

For Christmas use #LincsConnectChristmas – Help Me, Help You

To help me help you please copy the link to this blog into your social media advertising.  If you’re talking about Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas offers and postage you can add a link to this blog to help explain that you’re trying to compete against ‘the big boys’. As a result you’ll be increasing readership of this blog.  With that achieved I’ll be able to reach out to more people to help advertise your business.  We really can help each other.

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For Christmas use #LincsConnectChristmas – Local Shopping

During the recent #LincsArtCraftHour sessions we have seen quite a few artists and crafters joining in and showing their gift ideas.  As a result you’ll see a lot of local products all listed in the same place. Below is a list of some of them. I recommend you take a look to see what they have to offer. Christmas ‘is’ coming and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s good to support our local traders:

Twitter, Facebook & Etsy/Folksy          

Twitter:      @MelLangtonArt Facebook:                       Mel Langton Art

Twitter:      @origartprints Facebook:        fiduncart

Twitter:  @jpbphotography Facebook:                 Light And Dreams Photography

Twitter:    @EnglandCreate Etsy/Folksy:            Create-England

Twitter:         @ShaliniAustin   Facebook:      Shalini.Austin


Twitter:    @JaneHaighArt Facebook:                         Jane Haigh Country Art

Twitter:     @2021VisualArts Facebook:                            20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Stay Safe

Keep a mask on and your hands clean to protect yourself and everyone else around you.  Happy shopping and happy selling folks.

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LincsConnect is your Lincolnshire Blogger - Copied but never bettered LincsBlogger

LincsConnect is your Lincolnshire Blogger – Copied but never bettered


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