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I had the pleasure of talking to Paul Hugill the other day about the fantastic work he is doing with his team to feed the vulnerable people in the Louth area.  I have to say, he really does ooze enthusiasm!  If you ever need to speak to someone with some ‘get up and go’ Paul is your man!

Taking on the mammoth task of feeding the homeless and vulnerable, Paul put out a plea for assistance.  Obviously in need of food, food and more food if this task is going to be achieved but he also needs more volunteers too.  If you are able to help out in the kitchen or from home, packing or delivery please get in touch.  I’ll mention it here but I’ll also post a reminder further down too;  Paul is desperately in need of fridges and freezers.  Thanks to the very generous donations he has received he is able to get meals cooked and sent out but storage will always be in short supply.  If you know of any industrial size fridges and freezers that can be donated on loan I’m sure Paul will be happy to hear from you.  In addition, he is short of protein based produce so if there are any butchers out there who can make a donation you know what to do… I’ll post some contact details at the bottom of the blog but I’ll also post links in the pictures too so if you are able to offer any help at all you will hopefully be able to get in touch one way or another.

What’s It All About?

For the link to the Just Giving page just click on this picture


Two nutritious meals a day for those in isolation or are vulnerable during the Coronavirus pandemic.  If you think you can help with a cash donation please visit the just giving page and give whatever you can. Money is always welcome of course but Paul is also open do donations of fresh food and even cooked food which will help to take some of the pressure away from his own kitchen.

As well as feeding the vulnerable during this crisis Paul is also committed to helping to feed the homeless in the area by supporting and preparing meals for the East Coast Homeless Outreach.  Outstanding!  I’m not sure when he gets time to sleep but I do hope he manages to get some rest in between all the good work that he’s doing. Perhaps a quote from The Priory website might be a good idea here:

“…People are at the heart of what we do – you, our valued guests and or staff, most of whom may not have had the best start in life or have learning difficulties and whose potential has been overlooked.”

Just those few words seem to sum up what Paul is all about.  Caring for and helping people seems to drive him forward and keep him motivated.  With his team of willing staff he has set up a project under The Serendipity Initiative to help feed those in isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s a huge task and your help, however big or small that might be, will be welcomed with open arms.  Would you believe that Paul has set a challenge to supply the two nutritious meals a day for the vulnerable ‘free of charge’?  Obviously any donations to help the project to succeed will be gratefully received.

If you use Facebook you might like to take a look at this video as I think it explains more in just a few minutes than I could do in a thousand words.


Take a look at what Paul and his team for the community


Please also take a look at The Serendipity Initiative to see if you can help.  Remember, if you don’t have cash, you don’t have food to donate, you aren’t able to help with food preparation, you CAN help by simply spreading the word.  Talk you your friends, copy the links from this blog and post them on your social media pages or copy the link to this blog and post the whole thing.  Every little helps so please try to do whatever you can.


Click the picture to open the link Tel 01507 602930


What’s Needed?

Right now Paul is looking for any help that you can donate, storage space, fridges, freezers and protein rich foods.  All other food and cash donations are obviously always welcome of course.


Here are a few useful contact numbers and addresses:

Tel Louth  01597 602930



Facebook Serendipity Louth 

Twitter      @PrioryLouth

Paul has had a mention in a previous blog with his Serendipity Initiative and the work that is going on to support people during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  If you would like to read more about that follow this link: ‘Coronavirus – We can Help Each Other’

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post.  Please feel free to copy it and send it on to your friends by email or on social media.  The more people we can get to see it, the better.

Stay healthy, stay happy and STAY IN.

Best wishes


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