Walking In The South Lincolnshire Wolds

Walking In The South Lincolnshire Wolds

Summer Holiday

I don’t know about you but I’m not considering a holiday abroad this year.  My mind is focused on our present Covid situation so I’m inclined to stay in the UK 2020.  Perhaps Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds might be a good option.

I envisage us coming to an end of this coronavirus lockdown soon but my mind is focused on the safety of home rather than abroad. From conversations on social media I know I’m not alone in my thinking.  As a result I’m wondering where I should be heading to and what I could possibly do in Lincolnshire. I need to find something that I haven’t done before.

Father & Son Promise

Following the recent death of my father, my son and I made a promise to make sure that we keep making memories by doing something together every other month.  The brief is that we take it in turns to organise something low budget.

I organised the first weekend away but I’m afraid his turn has been curtailed by the Coronavirus travel restrictions.  However, it’ll take more than coronavirus to make me waver from the plan so It’s time to plan our next adventure.  Our first outing was a night in Harrogate followed by a walk from Harrogate to Knaresborough along the banks of the river Nidd.  It’s a walk I have done many times as a youngster and I was keen to share it with my teenage son.


I’ve never tried fishing before so that was his plan for me.  These trips are designed to bring us closer together but at the same time provide some new experiences.  We both have a love of walking so my first choice was quite easy.  Fishing…. Well, that is his idea of fun so I’m duty bound to go with him so that he can teach me. I’ll experience something new and it will have been together.

March came and went but we were still in lockdown.

Low Budget

Trips to London are something we both enjoy but, even on a low budget, it’s an expensive area.  Travel costs, accommodation, a few cups of coffee and meals out will soon eat up several hundred pounds.  The point of the exercise is to enjoy our time together and not spend lots of money.  With that in mind, and with it being my choice of activity in May I’m choosing a walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  We both have walking boots and all the clothing so the only expense will be meals and accommodation.  I have a plan!

The Southern Wolds

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect

As I work on Saturdays the chosen location for the weekend has to be reasonably local.  The idea is to travel on Saturday afternoon/evening,  B&B overnight if needed, spend the day walking on Sunday and return home refreshed in the evening.  However, being so close to home (half an hour) an overnight stay isn’t really necessary.

My plan is to walk from Bolingbroke Castle to Snipedales Country Park via Hameringham with our return leg being from Snipedales Country Park to Hundleby via Hagworthingham and Raith and back to Bolingbroke. Time permitting we’ll partake in afternoon tea at the award winning Elm Tree B&B in Hundleby.  Well, why not?  We are both busy and it’s not often that we get to spend quality time together.  I haven’t worked out the mileage yet but we are both fit and very fast walkers.

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds – Bolingbroke Castle

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect - Heritage Lincolnshire Bolingbroke Castle

If you haven’t been before I highly recommend a visit. It’s ideal for picnics and local walks and the children will have great fun playing and reenacting battles as knights of old or perhaps hide and seek. The postcode for your sat nav is PE23 4HH

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect - Heritage Lincolnshire Bolingbroke Castle

Bolingbroke Castle outer wall

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect - Lincolnshire Heritage Bolingbroke Castle

For more information and details of events visit Heritage Lincolnshire. Access their website by clicking on the picture or why not pay them a visit on twitter @HeritageLincs

Onward then to Snipedales Country Park (Follow @LoveLincsWolds on Twitter). Here we’ll be able to explore some of the 220 acres of the country park and nature reserve with it’s steep sided valleys, wildlife, a variety of trees  and streams.  If we can get the timing right and restrictions are lifted we may get chance to join one of the guided walks.

If you’re interested why not click on the picture below to go to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website where you’ll find up-to-date information.


Click on the picture to go straight to the Lincs Wildlife Trust website and why not follow them on Twitter too? Here they are: @LincsWildlife

Snipedales Country Park will probably make an ideal stopping place for a packed lunch.


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Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds – Hagworthingham

After Snipedales it’s onwards to Hagworthingham where we’ll stop to photograph the Stockwith Mill.  This picture is from the internet and I’m afraid there is no reference to credit the original photographer.  It is a lovely picture though and I hope we’ll be able to do the Mill the same justice.

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect - Stockwith Mill, Hagworthingham

Hagworthingham. Click on the picture to find it on Google Maps

There will be plenty of photo opportunities during our walk so a timetable isn’t really going to work!  However, I know it’ll be fun and worth the effort.  About 2.5 miles (by road) to Raithby

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds – Raithby

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect. Methodist Chapel, Raithby

The small Methodist chapel at Raithby Hall in Raithby by Spilsby is one of the oldest in England.

The small Methodist Chapel (on the far right of the building in the picture above) is the oldest Methodist Chapel in Lincolnshire and is still in use today.  It was opened by John Wesley on 5 July 1779. That makes it even older than me!

With a bit of luck we’ll be able to take a picture or two before heading off across country to Hundleby for afternoon tea at The Elm Tree B&B (time permitting).

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds – Hundleby

The Elm Tree B&B, Hundleby. Click on the picture to go to Google Maps

If you’re looking for an underlying motive for our walk, ‘this’ is it!  Or rather, the Afternoon Tea is.  I suspect we will already have covered something around 10-15 miles (or more). An afternoon tea treat for father and son seems like a perfect reason to break the journey.  Boasting a full 5 Stars and having already seen pictures and read revues I’m really expecting great things.

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds – Afternoon Tea and B&B

I’m looking forward to this as at just £20.00 each (£25.00 for the Prosecco version) and our only expense of the day I think it’s a bargain.  Can I tempt you?  Well, probably not but Chris and Jonathan certainly can with this picture from their website:

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect. Afternoon tea at The Elm Tree, Hundleby

Afternoon Tea Vouchers are available too and are on sale NOW! Wouldn’t it be lovely to give someone a gift voucher during our lockdown to show them how much you care? £20.00 each for a selection of 5 different sandwiches, homemade cakes, scones & jam plus a selection of Stokes Teas.

Being less than half an hour away from my home we won’t need to book in to the B&B. I very much doubt my son would want to share a four poster with his dad anyway!  However, if you’re making the trip and fancy staying over, this is what you’ll be treated to:

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect. Bed & Breakfast at The Elm Tree, Hundleby

A Four Poster bed – suddenly you can understand why The Elm Tree has 5 stars and glowing revues. Click on the picture for a direct link to the website or send a message on Twitter @TheElm_Tree

This really is a trip that I’m looking forward to so I hope the travel restrictions and social distancing rules are lifted in time for the end of May.  However,  I do have a plan B – organise another date for June or July to make sure the whole trip goes ahead!  Perhaps a follow up blog will be in order to show off my own pictures and include some countryside images too.  After all, it ‘is’ the Lincolnshire Wolds – an ‘Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ so it would be amiss of me to deprive you of our experience.

Can’t Wait?

Walking in the South Lincolnshire Wolds by LincsConnect. Takeaway afternoon tea from The Elm Tree, Hundleby

Not everyone has the patience to wait until the social distancing rules are relaxed so, just for you, there is a special take-away afternoon tea available too.  It’s the same great choice but without the hot drink.  At £12.50 per person I think it’s time to get the kettle on and get your order in don’t you? Don’t forget to check to make sure the prices and availability are still current.

Until Next Time, Stay Safe

I know we are all looking forward to the end of the ‘lockdown’ but I think it’s important to have something to focus on don’t you?