The Lincs Connect website will soon be undergoing a significant update and this is your chance to say what you would like to see included.

LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogerPerhaps it would be best if I explained what the site will be for before you start sending ideas though!  The main aim of this site is for it to be a ‘landing site’ for all things Lincolnshire and local.  With 10,000 local twitter followers it’s time to create a central hub for us all to get together to show off our businesses and network together.


To do this there will be a series of new pages, each with their own category.  Some good examples include ‘The Authors Page’ where there will be space for authors to provide links to their blogs, short descriptions of their latest books, poetry features, printing advice, publishers advice, workshops, book signings….. Hopefully you get the picture now?  Talking of which, there could be a ‘Art Gallery’ page where artists can showcase their work.  There will be a nice link from the artists page to the authors page as some books will need illustrations.

This is my latest book purchase by local author Lisa Marie Gabriel.  It promises to be a good read with lots of local references in it.  If you want to find out more about Lisa you can follow her on Twitter @persimew where she tweets under the name ‘Lisa the Bard’

Can you imagine how useful the Lincs Connect website can be for new and aspiring authors who would like help and advice about writing and getting published?  Sharing information between established authors and publishers with the authors of tomorrow can be very helpful.  After all, Lincs Connect was set up to help and support all local businesses and charities so this is the obvious step forward.

Please leave your positive comments, ideas and messages so that I can take the site forward.  Lincs Connect is here ‘for’ you and ‘by’ you.  Together we are stronger.


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