For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas

For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas

For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas

#LincsConnectChristmas and #ShopLincs for your Christmas posts in Lin colnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

For Christmas in Lincolnshire use #LincsConnectChristmas and #ShopLincs on your social media posts to reach more local people. Use the hashtags to post our gift ideas and bargains then encourage your followers to search the hashtags to discover more.


#LincsConnectChristmas is a seasonal hashtag which ‘trends’ globally each year so use it to reach out to your new customers. The #LincsConnect hashtag along with #ShopLincs are here for you every single day of the year so I recommend using them all.

The #LincsConnect hashtag trends most weeks during the #LincsConnect Hour so make sure you use it to your advantage. You’ll find more information later in this blog.

For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas – It’s Free Advertising 

Competition at this time of year is fierce so ‘NOW’ is the time to advertise websites and online shops.

Social media may not be the place to sell at Christmas but it is an ideal platform to guide readers to shops and websites. Include links on your posts to make life easier for readers to find your shop. Use social media to highlight offers and promote what you have to offer and make time to follow up any enquiries.

You can’t expect everyone to find you and buy your products so make sure you use your social media platforms to guide customers to your shop. I am repeating myself but I’m happy to do that if it helps you to understand the usefulness of social media as a tool to reach out to new customers.

#LincsConnect Hour

LincsConnect Hour on twitter every Monday at 8.00pm by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

The #LincsConnect Hour takes place on Twitter every Monday evening from 8.00pm. You can use it to reach out to local people with your adverts, chat and general support.  The hashtag trends most weeks too which makes it the perfect platform for advertising yourself or organisation.

Hosting the #LincsConnect Hour on Twitter is FREE and an ideal way to reach out to locals. Get in touch today to arrange a date to host your Hour. I’ll say it again “For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas“.

WhatsOnLincs is the new web page for sharing What's on in Lincolnshire posts by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

For Christmas In Lincolnshire Use #LincsConnectChristmas & Advertise On WhatsOnLincs

WhatsOnLincs is the new community web page on the LincsConnect website. You can use it to post free adverts from markets and car boot sales to charity events and entertainment, jobs, volunteering plus much more. You can even include pictures as well as links to websites.  It’s all FREE so be sure to use it to find out What’s on in Lincolnshire.

New categories are being added as demand increases. As a result, there are new categories including ‘ShopLincs’ and ‘Christmas Events’.  You can use this categories to advertise yourself, your Ofers and Christmas events.  Advertising is FREE on the site too so please to make the most of it.

Once you have posted your advert you can copy the link to post on any social media platform. This will save you from having to type new adverts each time.

Here To Help

LincsConnect has been working hard to help local traders, organisations and charities but we do need to help each other.  By posting links from the website to your social media platforms you will be helping to promote the free website. That’s all I ask of you!

 Be A Sponsor

You can pay to advertise on the website of course.  Each sponsor will have their logo and website/socials link on each page of the website.  Anyone who views the site or posts a free advert will see you.  If you would like to become a sponsor and would like more information please get in touch.


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Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and I look forward to chatting to you all sometime soon.