Be Kind Lincolnshire

Be Kind Lincolnshire

Be Kind Lincolnshire

Fancy a brew? Be Kind Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Fancy a brew?

Covid 19 – What Did We Learn?

Lockdown 23 March 2020.  That was something to remember wasn’t it!  We had some amazing people in the County who went above and beyond to help others. I remember being in isolation while suffering with Covid (contracted the day before lockdown).  That’s when I put my IT fears to one side and learned to blog.  The blogs highlighted all the good things that were going on in the County and as a result I managed to help many people.

I discovered lots of good people in Lincolnshire who did some amazing things from feeding the vulnerable and front line workers to good natured people who put themselves out to help others.  I blogged about them and told the County about them through my popular social media channels. This blog isn’t about ‘me’ though, it’s not even about the people who did some truly great things during the Covid epidemic.

Be Kind Lincolnshire – Did We Learn Any Lessons?

Did the lessons we learned during the Coronavirus pandemic stand the test of time? Are we still helping each other? Do we still go out of our way to be kind?

Cost Of Living Crisis

Fast forward three years and we have a new problem.  Many people are struggling with the cost of fuel bills and increasing food prices.  As a result of the large debt incurred during the pandemic when we were paid to stay at home plus, more recently the tragic war in Ukraine, the cost of living has dramatically changed.  I know there are other factors to consider too but I’m not an economist and the causes aren’t the focus of this blog.

How are we dealing with this crisis? During the lockdowns we learned that our local economy is vitally important. We shopped locally then and felt proud to do so.  That pride swept across the whole country as we all tried hard to support our local traders.

Are we still putting the same efforts into supporting our local traders and service sector now as we did in 2020?

Be Kind Lincolnshire – Courtesy Counts

How tolerant are we now? We learned to be humble during the pandemic as we realised how fragile life is. We learned patience, inclusivity and tolerance so has anything changed? Have we reverted to our pre-pandemic attitudes of ‘self preservation’?

#LincsConnect Hour Every Monday Evening

Be Kind Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Join us on Twitter every Monday evening from 8.00pm

Talking about the #LincsConnect Hour now may seem a bit disjointed but bear with me…

We often have guest hosts for the Hour who usually set questions to get the other participants to join in, think and have fun. However (you must’ve guessed something was coming?), almost all of the hosts rely on LincsConnect to do the advertising for them and invite people to participate.  As far as free advertising goes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Be Kind Lincolnshire With #LincsConnect 

The whole point of #LincsConnect is to provide a platform for locals to network and advertise freely. The #LincsConnect Hour provides an (almost) captive audience where we all use the hashtag to chat and network as it was intended.

Why then do most guest hosts abandon their new contacts at the end of the Hour?  Many perceive the searching of the #LincsConnect hashtag after the Hour to be too time consuming!  My challenge to you is to spend 5-10 minutes each day searching the hashtag to be kind to your fellow Lincolnshire traders, charities and organisations. Simple words of encouragement or congratulatory remarks on a job well done is all it takes. Sharing a few posts to increase readership is one of the kindest acts you can do on social media.

Fancy A Brew?

Fancy a brew? Be Kind Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Fancy a brew?


Forming relationships through social media is a great way to do business but sometimes you might want to go beyond your social media platform.

Giving encouragement is kind and sharing posts could be life saving for some businesses.  Take note of what is going on around you.  Sometimes you need to reach out to ‘actually’ support someone. That could be in the form of giving to a local food bank, helping a charity, choosing to buy from a local trader or even uttering the words ‘fancy a brew?

Food For Thought?

I hope this blog has given you some food for thought.  There are lots of ways you can help and support others and the feeling you’ll get from knowing you have helped is second to none so give it a go today.

Be kind Lincolnshire. Donation Genie in Be Kind Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The Donation Genie is an online search area for you to make donations to your local food bank. Search by postcode to discover what is needed most


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That’s It For Now

I hope you found this blog interesting and thought provoking.  Please feel free to leave comments.