Be Tolerant

Be Tolerant

Be Tolerant. Are We Tolerant Enough In Lincolnshire?

I wonder what your thoughts are?  Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? Do you think we have become more or less tolerant during the Coronavirus pandemic?  Putting the pandemic to one side, ask the same question “are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire” in general?

Without doubt I have seen some truly exceptional acts of kindness and heroism in recent times and I really hope it continues into our future lives on this planet.  Members of the NHS have stepped up to provide an outstanding service to keep us safe and well. Helping those who have succumbed to the virus is (excuse the pun) in their DNA.

When I say NHS staff I don’t just mean the doctors, nurses, midwives, physios and the whole host of other medical clinicians and experts.  No, I include the background staff too.  The health care support workers, cleaning staff, porters, canteen staff and the huge army of volunteers who’ve put themselves forward to help.  Without these people the ‘front line’ workers couldn’t do their job effectively.

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? On the whole, ‘yes’. Many of us have given up our normal way of life in order to preserve life.  Keeping that safe distance has now become normal for most of us.  Some are still ignorant to the dangers of not distancing while others are genuinely putting themselves in harms way in order to help maintain our health, freedom and way of life.

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect - Be More Tolerant

Some things never change. Our Police are still here to look after us and protect us

Policing The Streets

It can’t have escaped your attention that the police are continuing to do their primary roles as well as policing the streets to make sure we keep a safe distance.  I read on social media recently that a group of people had been dispersed for quad biking in some local Lincolnshire woods.

Not only had they ignored the social distancing rules but it appears that they had travelled from Bedfordshire to do it!  It’s beyond comprehension that people would knowingly put lives in danger like this. I feel both sorry for, and proud of, our Lincolnshire police who constantly put themselves in harms way to deal with these acts of lunacy.

Day in, day out, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… The police are always on duty to protect us.  It’s fair to say that I’m a great fan of  ‘everyone’ who acts so selflessly to protect me, my family and everyone else in our County and country.

Pride in Our Lincolnshire Police

Having witnessed an incident in London during Christmas (2019) we accompanied a young lady to the local transport police station to provide witness reports and support.  The police officer on duty was very helpful and did everything he could to assist.  At the end of the meeting he handed us some plastic wallets for our Oyster cards.

The wallets had the emergency numbers on for reporting crime on London transport.  He then instructed us to fold the wallet inside out to hide the police markings telling us that showing the wallet in London might make us a ‘target’.

I know I’m a ‘country boy’ but I was quite surprised at this advice.  Have you noticed that in Lincolnshire there is a great pride in our local force?  Whenever I see @LincsPolice posts on social media when they are out in the community the police and public are always smiling and engaging.

Obviously if things go wrong we can expect to be dealt with accordingly but that’s the nature of the job!  In these difficult times the tolerance levels of our police officers must sometimes be tested to the max!

Are We Tolerant Enough In Lincolnshire? – Coronavirus And The Police

I only know bits and pieces about how the Lincolnshire Police are operating during these difficult times.  In fact I don’t know any more than the average reader.  However, I do know a lady who knows just about everything there is to know about policing during the lockdown.  Let me introduce you to Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Kerrin Wilson @KerrinWilson999 who will be chairing a Q&A session on Facebook this Thursday morning (23 April 2020) at 10.00am.  We’re all invited:

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect - Lincolnshire Police ACC Kerrin Wilson

Q&A – Click on this picture to go to the Facebook post


If you have a mind to help and would like to have your opinions heard perhaps you might be good enough to complete the survey below.  This is a copy of the image from the Lincolnshire Police Facebook page so the blue link you see in the picture won’t work.  However, if you click (or tap) on the picture you’ll be taken straight to the survey.  Alternatively, you can go directly to the Lincolnshire Police Facebook page to complete it from there.

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect Lincolnshire Police

Click on the picture to complete the survey


How Tolerant Are We?

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? I’m talking about our personal lives and perceptions.  If we ‘conveniently’ forget the social distancing rules for purely selfish reasons how do we react if we’re reminded to step back or turn around and go home?  Something simple like reaching across someone in the supermarket to pick something off the shelf – it’s unacceptable but how do we react if we’re asked to step back and wait?

The answer should be obvious but I’m afraid the obvious doesn’t always happen. It can lead to confrontation (personal experience speaking)! Ask yourself this simple question each day: “Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire?”

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect - Be Kind, Not Threatening

Don’t invade someones space and don’t be confrontational if you’re asked to move back. Good manners applies both ways so with a bit of common courtesy we can all be happy

The coastal towns and beauty spots were closed over the Easter holidays (2020) but some people still thought it would be acceptable to ignore the rules.  The rules are there for the safety of everyone so for those who are feeling aggrieved over the situation I ask for a little more tolerance for a little longer please.  It’s not rocket science but disobeying the rules could be life threatening!

The Dark Side

Domestic Abuse ….. Rather than going away this ugly and often hidden form of abuse is now more prevalent than ever.

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? Tolerance takes on a whole new meaning when we consider domestic abuse. Being locked in together can cause some anxieties and tension for families.  As a result we usually have coping mechanisms and rational thinking that allow us to overcome the tensions with simple distractions.  However, abusers and those suffering from abuse (physical, mental, emotional or financial) can really be finding life more difficult now.

Domestic abuse doesn’t have age limits or gender preferences. If you know someone who is suffering call the police today.  You’ll find some useful numbers here but if there is an immediate threat of harm call 999.  The Covid 19 lockdown won’t stop the police from carrying out their duties.  They’re here for us 24 hours a day.

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect EDAN Lincolnshire

Click on this picture to go straight to the EDAN Lincs website. If your life is in danger call 999. If you need to make a silent call to protect your safety call 999 and add 55. You’ll also find @EDANLincs on Twitter 

Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect Domestic Abuse Helpline


Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect - Stop Abuse

GET HELP if you are suffering. Use the numbers above or 999 if you’re in immediate danger. CLICK ON THIS PICTURE for more information

Don’t Put Yourself In Danger

If you are unable to speak during ‘any’ emergency simply dial 999 and add 55.  The operator will immediately see that you are in need of help but are unable to talk.  Your call will be tracked and you’ll get the help you need.

Calling 999 - 5 5 'Caller Needs Help'

Hate Crime

Religious, race and homophobic abuse has no place in our society so don’t tolerate it.  If you are aware of religious, race, homophobic or any other related abuse REPORT IT.  Call 101 to report hate crime and call 999 if you fear imminent danger.  Your action could result in an organised network being uncovered and prosecuted. Let’s all be more tolerant of each other.  Employers also have a duty of care for their staff so if abuse is happening in the workplace, report it there too.

Some Things Need To Be Said Or Asked – Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire?

I know my blogs normally focus on the good things, the jolly things, the brighter side of life but some things need to be brought out into the open.  Perhaps you can help to make someones life that little bit happier again.  If you have doubts or suspicions make the call. Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? I hope so!

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