Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You

Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You.  A strange title that needs explaining.  During February, March and April my mother was taken ill so I took on the task for the family of being the sole carer.  Looking after my Mum in Harrogate, travelling up and down the A1 to be with my family in Lincolnshire while running my businesses through a difficult Covid period certainly took its toll.  I’m not alone of course.  I’m aware that many, many people have been doing similar and have felt the stresses and strains just as I have.


I always set myself high standards so when I fail to meet them I experience frustration, guilt and even anxiety.  Having posted many blogs for LincsConnect in support of others I was conscious that I could no longer meet that self imposed obligation. In my mind, the only logical thing to do was to post an apology on social media. Surely that was the right thing to do?

Not Sorry

Having spent more than 10 years supporting others on social media I felt obliged to post my apology and reason for my lack of attention here.  It wasn’t the wrong thing to do but…  It felt right.  I wasn’t prepared for the reaction though!

Thank You

Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You LincsConnect

My Apology and your reaction

Having spent many hours caring, travelling and finally ‘grieving’ I posted this on Twitter.  I was (and am) genuinely sorry for not being able to give everyone my full attention but when I was able to revisit the post to read the comments I realised the I had not need to apologise at all.  The outpouring of support took my breath away!  Thank You all for your kind messages and support.  I really wasn’t expecting what I saw but it made me realise just how much love and support there is around me from people I have never met.  You have no idea how much your messages have touched me.

Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You LincsConnect

The follow up message having still not read the reactions from the previous tweet.

Having not been able to bring myself to read the replies to my first tweet I was still feeling guilty in May so posted my second tweet.  Once again the support was outstanding.

I’m conscious that I still have some catching up to do and some broken promises to repair but having read your messages of support I now realise that I have time because I have your understanding.

Thank You Once Again

I want to write to you all individually but I know that’s not practical.  I know that when I post this blog there will be many of you who’ll miss it if I don’t post it to you individually.  In that case, I shall do my best.

Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You

I was and still am sorry that I couldn’t carry on doing what I have done for so many years.  However, your messages made me realise that I don’t need to say sorry because you all understand how difficult that period had been for me.  Thank You again for your understanding.  This is the first blog I’ve written since January and it’s taken me a whole day to pluck up the courage to log on to write it.

It’s In The Post

Literally! Instead of posting individual cards out to everyone who took the time to write to me (I know others would have done too if they had seen the tweets) I’ll post this blog to you personally.  When I say ‘personally’ I really mean it.  Thank ‘you’ for your support.  You have all helped me and I’m extremely grateful.

Stay Safe

Take care of yourselves, your family and your friends and please stay safe.

Sorry, Not Sorry, Thank You LincsConnect




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