After The Coronavirus… What’ve We Got to Look Forward To? Part 2

After The Coronavirus… What’ve We Got to Look Forward To? Part 2

Easter – The Busiest Time Of The Year?

With lovely weather across the UK this Easter it should’ve been the busiest time of the year for everyone in the tourist industry.  Alas, any record breaking visitor figures are all for the wrong reasons this year.  However, we know it won’t last so I’m still compiling my ‘wish list’ for when the travel restrictions are lifted post Coronavirus.  My last blog saw me traveling to Woodhall Spa, Cleethorpes, Grimsby and Scunthorpe.  There really are some fabulous places to visit in our large County so to list them all would be… well, it would be a very long list!  What I really want to do though is to produce a wish list that’ll help me focus on our post virus future.



The Priory Hotel, Louth – click on the picture for a link to the website

I’ve written about The Priory Hotel before and am truly in awe of what Paul has achieved (and is still achieving) from this hotel.  Employing people who may otherwise have struggled to get a job, feeding the homeless and latterly providing home cooked food for those in need during the current crisis.  I’ve never visited the hotel but have chatted to Paul on the phone; His enthusiasm and kindness is truly inspiring so I can’t wait to pay a visit.  I shall certainly be there for dinner sometime soon and if my diary allows I shall be attending one of his many events too.  Please take a look at the website to make up your own mind – I think you’ll be impressed The Priory Hotel 

If you haven’t visited Louth before I strongly recommend a visit.  Nestled in the Lincolnshire Wolds you’ll be spoilt for choice for some lovely walks and there is the beautiful Hubbards Hills on the edge of the town too.  Ideal for family days out and picnics with a car park and cafe for visitors.

Hubbards Hills nestled in the Lincolnshire Wolds is always worth a visit regardless of the weather. Picture courtesy of East Lindsey District Council


Louth Market is normally open 3 days a week (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday) but for an up to date timetable click on the picture to go to the East Lindsey DC website


Louth is a market town that has a large selection of independent shops that are always worth a visit.  I normally shop there once a month and am really looking forward to visiting again very soon.  It’s a treat not to be missed.

Obviously you can’t leave Louth without mentioning the Louth Pie Day.  It had its first outing in April 2019 and is already set to be a permanent fixture on the local Lincolnshire calendar with local butchers bakers and cafes taking part.  I have no doubt that this is going to grow into something ‘very’ big in the County.  Alas, due to the recent restrictions the physical event has had to be postponed this year.  However, we are all invited to join in by making or buying our own pies on 15 April.  If you would like to get involved you can follow the fun on Twitter (see the link above or on Facebook from this link: #VirtualLouthPieDay

The Virtual Louth Pie Day is on Wednesday 15 April 2020

If you manage to scrabble some ingredients together to make a pie don’t forget to take a picture and post it to Justine and Kiat who will be waiting to see your entries on the Facebook and Twitter pages.  You’ll need to use the hashtag #VirtualLouthPieDay with your entries too of course.  Good luck!


RAF Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight

This is where I have to hang my head in shame!  Having served in the RAF and lived in Lincolnshire for many years I’ve had the visit to @RAFBBMF on my to-do list for a long time but never actually got around to crossing the threshold.  To make matters worse, RAF Coningsby is just a very short drive from where I live!  However, this trip is right at the top of my ‘must do’ sites now so I’ll be there with my camera to take some pictures soon (I hope).

The unmistakeable image of the BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane taken during the RAF 100 flypast over Buckingham Palace.

In my defence though, I have managed to take lots of pictures of these iconic aircraft at various air shows and even as they fly over my house on their return from air displays during the summer months.


Easter – The Busiest Time of The Year…

Well, this year things have been different but I’m really looking forward to getting out and about again soon.  I have visions of the County being very busy again soon and I’m sure that will help to make up for lost time and business this Easter.


What Else Have I got To Look Forward To?

The list is huge and I’ve only just managed to touch a very small section of it so Parts 3, 4, 5, 6….. of this blog series will surely be heading this way soon.


Stay Safe