Nordic Walking In Lincolnshire

Nordic Walking In Lincolnshire

Nordic Walking In Lincolnshire With Mandarin Fitness

Nordic Walking with Mandarin Fitness in Lincolnshire (Lincoln) by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Nordic Walking in Lincolnshire with Mandarin Fitness. It’s suitable for all levels from complete beginner to seasoned athlete

It ‘is’ just walking with poles! You may be surprised to learn that there is some technique to master before you can truly call yourself a Nordic walker though. Thankfully Mandarin Fitness is here to guide you so read on for more information.

Martin from Mandarin Fitness has over 32 years experience in the health and fitness industry and runs weekly classes. As a result, you can rest assured that you are benefitting from a wealth of experience and learning from one of the best.

Nordic Walking In Lincolnshire (Lincoln) Monthly Timetable

Client safety is always a priority so please do check here for any updates and changes to the timetable.

Location Change

As the British weather can be so unpredictable we may need to change the locations from time to time when bad weather makes certain locations difficult or dangerous. Please keep your eyes on this blog for any updates.


20 July 2024

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Nordic Walking in Lincoln, Lincolnshire with Mandarin Fitness


Nordic Walking Master Instructor

Qualified as a Master Nordic Walking instructor in 2007 and level 3 Personal Trainer in 1991 Martin is the man to go to for your safe tuition.

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Getting to Grips…

Getting to grips with the basics is key to learning Nordic Walking. Martin will show you how and when to grip the poles and when to release.  You’ll even learn the Nordic Walking ‘swagger’!

With one arm forward the other should swing back whilst pushing on the pole to propel you forward (similar to marching with poles). You’ll learn to grip, release, twist, push and stride simultaneously.

The whole package is the goal but it’s important to start with the basics and build on the technique as each skill is learned.  The technique can take anything from 10 minutes to 6 weeks to master.  One or two clients have taken to it immediately while others need to learn at a slightly slower pace. Whatever learning level you are at, Martin will help you to achieve your goal of learning Nordic Walking.

Beginners Nordic Walking

With the right instructor there is no need to have to join a dedicated beginners Nordic Walking class.  Getting the technique right at ‘your’ pace is the most important consideration for beginners because it will help build confidence. Learning to walk with poles as tools is important so get used to holding the poles and discover how you naturally start to utilise them as time goes on.

To begin the learning journey, start with a loose grip of the handles then walk with your arms locked down by your sides. Progress (within around 15-20 seconds) to relaxing your shoulders and arms then note how they naturally swing as you walk.  At this stage you should be dragging your poles. Once you feel comfortable with this you should try to exaggerate the arm swing. If (or when) you feel it going strong simply keep walking but lock your arms down by your sides ad start the process again.

Getting To Grips With Nordic Walking

Learning to grip, release, swing, push, pick up, chat, laugh, enjoy the scenery and company will all come in time.  It takes a little patience and some expert instruction but you will definitely master it!  Martin is here for you and the group members are always keen to welcome you to the group.

Know Your Limits

You’ll be reminded throughout that your limits are personal to you so it’s important to be the best ‘you’ can be.  Copying others and feeling that you have to ‘keep up’ is a good way to pick up an injury.  To avoid injuries you must do what is comfortable and resist temptation to push too hard.  Martin will have a watchful eye on you all the time – even when you don’t realise that he is watching!

Nordic Walking In Lincolnshire – Benefits And Exercise In Disguise

Nordic Walking encourages participants to include upper body actions to a greater extent than normal walking. The perception is that the hour long session was just a normal walk but the reality is that participants can burn up to 40% more Calories just by using the poles properly. That’s a huge benefit over normal walking without poles. In addition to the Calorie burning benefits, there are also the social benefits to consider as well as the balance aids the poles give for those who are less steady on their feet.

Walking in the fresh air is a well documented stress buster, as is laughing and social interaction.  You’ll get all of these things in abundance when you’re Nordic Walking with a group.

Injury need not be a reason to not take up Nordic Walking. On the contrary, Nordic Walking can be a great benefit when on the road to recovery after injury or illness.  Join a class today to start getting the benefits of Nordic Walking.

Mandarin Fitness provides the right coaching at the right level to make sure your workout is safe and effective.

Classes In Lincoln

Classes are held each Saturday morning in the Lincoln, Lincolnshire area from 10.30am. All abilities are welcome to come along so contact Martin on 07966 174878 for more information and to book your session and poles. The updated timetable is posted each month here and on the Mandarin Fitness Facebook page.

Nordic Walking & Complementary Therapies

The two actually fit well together. Nordic Walking provides physical and mental health benefits and the complementary therapies helps with the emotional benefits as well as the obvious muscular aches and pains. Combining the two will give you a complete package. Ask about the discount schemes for block bookings too. All treatments are mobile and cover the Lincoln and Lincolnshire surrounding areas.

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Nordic Walking And More…

If you would like to learn more about Mandarin Fitness, Mandarin Therapies and Mandarin Leisure have a look at the website below:

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By Request…

It was requested that I should add in a little background information to help readers understand a little more about Mandarin Fitness and Nordic Walking.  The article below was written and published in local newspapers in 2014 but after all this time, it’s still relevant and very real.  Have a read:

Nordic Walking with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Nordic Walking with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Addiction doesn’t go away but it can be managed. As a result, the decision to quit running and swap to Nordic Walking was a game changer.

Nordic Walking is a sport for all so you can use it to get fit and stay fit.  Fresh air and friendship are key elements to both mental and physical fitness. Rest assured that after 32 years of Personal Training you’ll be in good hands with Mandarin Fitness. ‘Master instructors’ are few and far between but with the wealth of knowledge and experience gained over more than 32 years as a fitness leader Martin is pretty unique!

Low impact, high energy, great fun and fabulous friendships.  Whatever your ability or level of fitness, Martin will tailor your sessions to you. Call 07966 174878 to book your sessions or ask about special individual or group sessions.

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