Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire


In this Crime prevention in Lincolnshire blog you’ll find information and tips on how to prevent and/or identify scams, abuse, fraud, slavery and much more.  Together we can report it and help stamp it out.

Useful Numbers


In an emergency dial 999 to get through to the Lincolnshire Police control room.  If it’s an emergency but you’re unable to talk, add 5 5.  For non-emergency calls to Lincolnshire Police use the 101 number.

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Have you ‘really’ won?

You’ve Won…


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!  We all love a bargain and the majority of us would welcome some extra money but be cautious because there are a lot of fraudsters around.  If you didn’t enter a competition, you didn’t win it! Never give your bank details, password or PIN away. Fraudsters will do their best to trick you into giving them up so be on your guard because it’s you’re private information. Don’t share it.

Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire


The title speaks for itself of course but ‘Identifying’ crime in the first place is key to understanding how to prevent it. Let’s start with a list of crimes:

  • Theft (that’s a big subject)
  • Burglary
  • Assault (sexual/racial/physical/verbal)
  • Bullying & Hate Crime (physical/verbal/cyber)

Too many subjects to cover in detail here so let’s focus on ‘prevention’ for now.

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For non-emergencies call Lincolnshire Police on 101

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Property Security


Think like a criminal too that we can help prevent crime! If you’ve gone out and forgotten your keys would you be able to get into your home to unlock the door from the inside?  It sounds obvious but by properly securing your property or vehicle you’re already helping to prevent crime. Therefore, before leaving your property make sure the doors and windows are closed and locked.  If you are ever locked out, you’ll be able to contact a good locksmith or vehicle breakdown agency to help you regain access so don’t neglect your security.

Crime prevention is all about making life difficult (or impossible) for criminals.  Leaving car windows open during the summer or the engine running and car unlocked to defrost during the winter are obviously asking for trouble. Likewise, house windows left open during hot weather and doors left unlocked are open invitations to an opportunist thief.

Lock it or lose it. As a result of your diligence you will make life for the criminal difficult and as a result may save your property.

Theft isn’t confined to vehicles and homes though.  Businesses are susceptible to opportunistic thieves too.  Simple security measures include ‘not wedging doors open’.  Regardless of the weather, there is a good chance that a wedged open door is an invitation to a thief. As a result it may also result in business insurance being void! The chances are that the door is also a fire door so leaving it wedged open isn’t the best use of your preventative measures!

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Theft – Remove Temptation


We’ve all heard stories of Christmas presents being stolen from under the tree.  Using this example and expanding on it we can help prevent this type of theft  by simply removing the temptation.  If you really want to leave Christmas presents out, make sure they aren’t visible from outside.  As a result of your diligence you may prevent theft and using this idea for anything in your home at any time of year can only be a good thing.  Vehicle crime is obvious.  Don’t leave valuables on display. Take them with you or lock them out of sight.


Don’t Help The Thief

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Keep wheelie bins safe by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

In the absence of a ladder, the wheelie bit makes a good platform for the burglar so make sure that yours are kept away from the house if possible.


An opportunist thief will always look for the easy access point so leaving an unlocked window open (even if it’s upstairs) isn’t recommended.  Firstly, ensure ladders aren’t left unsecured in your garden. Secondly, ensure that anything a burglar can use as a platform to gain access to your property is removed or secured.

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Install security lighting by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Make sure that fitted security lights are high enough to be tamper proof. Some require fitting by a qualified electrician while solar lights can be fitted without cabling.


Security lights are a good deterrent too. While the thief can see their way around your property, they are aware that they are visible too.  CCTV and video doorbells are really useful tools for you too. Even a ‘dummy’ CCTV camera will make a thief think twice. As a result, I recommend that a visible deterrent is worth the investment.

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Use a good quality padlock by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

This is my favourite padlock. It’s easy to use but impossible to get a tool in the small ‘O’ ring to break it off. A periodic spray with lubricant to keep it opening and closing smoothly makes it a good choice for those with arthritic hands too.


Make sure garden fences are secure, garden gates are locked where possible, outhouses and sheds should also be locked when not in use.  Linking outbuildings to your house alarm is good for security. A remote PIR could be linked to your house alarm system. If in doubt, ask your alarm installer/service engineer.  It’s not always possible to do that of course so a good ‘off the shelf’ security alarm from your local DIY store is a good alternative. Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Fit a house alarm by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Be Vigilant


Being vigilant simply means keeping your eyes and ears open.  If there are people or vehicles acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood let your neighbours know.  Local Facebook groups are particularly useful for this and as a result of your quick thinking your neighbourhood could be safer.  Posting your suspicions to your neighbours could help prevent garden or lead thefts as well as many other scams.

Just because someone is wearing a high vis jacket, it doesn’t mean they are legitimate.  As a result you’re urged to be vigilant and suspicious. Make sure your neighbours are aware and take your concerns seriously. Your local police force will be interested too so pick up your phone and give them a call on 101

Door To Door


Finishing that title you probably think of door to door ‘sales’. Think a bit broader to include scams because scams can include rogue tradesmen/women.  Here are a couple of scams that I’ve been made aware of recently:

Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire. Door to door fraud by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Note: No website address. No Facebook page. Stock pictures, none of which are the man giving you the quote. 10% discount offer to make it look attractive but 10% off what? BE SUSPICIOUS

Scam 1


A man in a green sweatshirt with a logo that is conveniently illegible knocking on your door.  Clutching a nicely printed batch of glossy leaflets to show how he will clear your garden, lawns, pond, patio, cut your trees, paint your fences etc.  He’ll offer to give you a quote and will do the work immediately. Look at the leaflet carefully.  It will look legitimate at first glance but there is no website or Facebook page. Be suspicious!  If you have time to search for the business name you’ll probably discover that it doesn’t exist! You’ll no doubt find that a van or lorry is nowhere to be seen.  It’ll be parked elsewhere waiting for his call.

The van could even be manned by modern-day slaves! If you agree to the quote (let’s say £100.00 to keep it simple) he’ll call his men who will do the job.  It won’t take long but you may get a bill for £500.00. Refusing to pay more than the agreed £100.00 will be met with hostility and threats of violence.  He failed to mention that his quote was £100.00 per person!  

Intimidation and the threat of violence isn’t nice.  Avoid this scenario by politely declining the offer in the first place.  Don’t be bullied into accepting, just politely decline the offer and close your door.  If you feel threatened call Lincolnshire police on Tel 101

Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire. Get three proper quotes by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

BEWARE of rogue traders with ‘spare’ tarmac. You can’t guarantee the quality of the tarmac, you can’t guarantee the quality of the work, you almost certainly will regret employing them! GET 3 INDEPENDENT QUOTES

Scam 2


You get a knock on your door by someone saying they’ve been doing some work locally for the council or highways agency. Fortunately they have some tarmac left over!  The caller offers to tarmac your drive for a very reasonable price. You’re on the spot – they have the tarmac and the offer is only available now! This is almost identical to Scam 1.  If you accept the quote it’s guaranteed to be hugely inflated by the time the job is done.  Failure to pay is met with the usual hostility and threats of violence and intimidation. Follow the advice here to avoid these problems:

Crime Prevention – Get A Proper Quote


DON’T hire people you don’t know following a knock on your door.  ALWAYS get three independent quotes for the work or employ someone you know and trust.  A laminated card on a lanyard doesn’t make the owner official so don’t be fooled. It doesn’t matter how convincing the person is, be prepared to shut the door and leave them outside while you check with the relevant authority (Gas, electric, water, council etc) to see if they have workers in your area.

DON’T use the number that the person at the door gives you as it may be part of the scam.  If you suspect foul play CALL LINCOLNSHIRE POLICE and let your neighbours know through the usual online (Neighbourhood Watch, Nextdoor or Facebook) channels.

Theft And Burglary


Denying criminals easy access to your property is probably your first step in crime prevention. However, if a thief has broken in and stolen property what can be done?  Lincolnshire police recommend that you have your property post code marked with invisible ink.


Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Neighbourhood Watch


Crime prevention in Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click on the picture to go to the Neighbourhood Watch website

Neighbourhood Watch does exactly what the title suggests.  If you have a community with an interest in personal and community security it’s worth taking a look at their website.

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – The ‘nextdoor’ App

If you are considering setting up a community watch system take a look at the ‘next-door’ App which is supported by Lincolnshire Police.  Click on the picture below for a link to download the App. It will actually do you a favour!

Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire 'nextdoor' by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click on the picture to download the App.

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Lincolnshire Alert


Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Alert by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click on the picture to go straight to the ‘Sign Up’ page of the Lincolnshire Police Alert initiative.

Have a look at the Lincolnshire Police Lincolnshire Alert page to learn how to get up-to-date information about crime and scams in your area.  You’ll find all sorts of information there from Bike marking times and locations to Street Safe and much more.

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Bike Registration


Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire - The National Cycle Database by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Register your bike FREE of charge with The National Cycle Database. It’s the only database used by all Police forces in the UK.

Registering your bike is free and there are additional security measures that can be included at a small cost. Click on the picture above to find out how to register, mark and secure your bike.  A few simple steps could prevent your bike from being stolen which will prevent a lot of heartache and expense in the long run. Lincolnshire Police often carry out free bike marking events around the County so keep your eyes open for the next event near you.

Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Rural Crime


The Lincolnshire Police Rural Crime Action Team are keen to hear from you if you have any information about instances of fly tipping, hare coursing, church/farm property theft etc.  Have a look at the video above to get a bit more of an insight into what they do.

If you see crime happening in our rural are ‘REPORT IT’ straight away. By clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button on YouTube you’ll be able to see video updates from the team and keep up to date with how they are trying to keep us safe in rural Lincolnshire.

Are Lincolnshire Streets Safe?


“StreetSafe is a service for anyone to anonymously tell us about public places where you have felt or feel unsafe, because of environmental issues, eg street lighting, abandoned buildings or vandalism and/or because of some behaviours, eg being followed or verbally abused.” Take a look at the link below if you would like to report areas where you feel unsafe:

Lincolnshire Police Street Safe by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click on the picture to go straight to the Lincolnshire Police Street Safe website


Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Cyber Crime


Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire - Cyber crime by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Cyber Crime is more than just annoying emails

Fraud, scams, theft, personal injury. Can we really avoid it? If you get those emails or text messages congratulating you on the BIG Bitcoin win, the multi million pounds win, the ‘it’s too good to be true’ win; It really ‘is’ too good to be true!

A simple question to ask yourself before opening that message is ‘did I enter a competition’?  We pride ourselves on being far too smart to be conned.  However, the reality is we are vulnerable and the criminals know it. I hate to admit it but the criminals can be clever and devious.  They are convincing so it’s up to us to be on guard, day in and day out.

Cyber Crime


Did you know that Lincolnshire has a dedicated cyber crime prevention team? I had an incident where I had to call the team for advice as I thought my computer had been hacked. As a result of my qui call, two members of the team arrived at my office and started searching through the ‘ransom’ emails.

The emails demanded payment in Bitcoin by a given date.  Failure to pay would result in me being locked out of my computer with my email addresses being used to distribute further ransom messages.  Any attempt to contact the police would result in…. You can guess the tone I’m sure!

STOP!  Think.  Don’t be fooled by these intimidating tactics. Firstly they try to put us under pressure so that we make mistakes. Secondly they threaten and thirdly they bully. Despite being frightened and intimidated I made the call to the cyber crime team.

Within minutes of arriving the team had logged into my computer, identified the emails and confirmed the country of origin. Each one was removed safely and my computer was checked for malware.  We both finished the appointment with new information.  The team gained some information from the emails and as a result of the visit I learned something new about ‘phishing’ emails and the ‘dark web’.

Data Breach


What is it and what should you to to protect yourself?

Data Breach on Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click on this National Cyber Security Centre link to go straight to the website for more information

Have I Been PWNED?


Have I Been PWNED on Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger, LincsBlogger

‘PWNED‘ may not make any sense to you but please do read this section because It will help you secure your accounts.

This website was recommended to me by the Lincolnshire Cyber Protect team. Search for ‘have I been pwned’ on any search engine to get to the website.  Here is the link to make life a little easier for you:

Once on the website type in your email address and press ‘enter’.  If the page stays blue your address is safe. However, if it turns to red your data has been compromised. As a result you’ll need to change some of your passwords.

Scroll down the page to discover what sites have been hacked or had data breaches containing your information.  Go to each of the sites listed and change your password.

It is that simple! As a result of visiting this site regularly to check for new data breaches you’ll be able change your passwords as required resulting in safer accounts.

Antivirus Packages

Our computers are continually at risk so don’t wait for the ransom note to arrive.  You can protect your computer with off the shelf software (Norton, McAfee are two that spring to mind). There are also free antivirus packages by AVG and Malwarebytes (the latter being good for Apple devices).  If in doubt, contact a reputable computer shop for advice.


Action Fraud – WhatsApp Scam


We need to be on our guard every single day.  This is a copy of a message posted by Action Fraud on 28 Mar 23 but it’s relevant every day as scammers and fraudsters are always busy.  Have a read and keep a mental note to be permanently vigilant: Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. WhatsApp scams by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire WhatsApp security by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Click anywhere on the test above to go straight to the Action Fraud website or phone 0300 123 2040

If in doubt, ‘report it’.Action Fraud are always looking for new scams and fraudulent accounts to close down and prosecute.


Crime Prevention – Passwords


Using the same password for everything is very helpful as it makes remembering it easy.  However, if the criminals discover your password (they use computers to help them) they will be into everything that you thought was secure. DON’T DO THAT! DON’T be tempted to use one password for everything. Instead, use different passwords to keep your information secure.

If you need to write the password down to remember it, make sure your password book is kept secure.  There are various Apps that will generate and keep your passwords secure for you but only use the police approved ones.

Crime Prevention in Lincolnshire - passwords by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Creating passwords

‘Password’ isn’t a good word to use for your passwords as it’s too easy to guess. Don’t use family members names, pets names, hobby names etc.  as these are all words that are likely to pop up on your social media posts. Hackers computers will easily guess them.  Creating random passwords work because they aren’t words that are usually associated with you. Use three random words to make life even more difficult for the hackers. In addition use symbols ($, @, %) in your passwords to make guessing them even more difficult.

Some computers will even generate complicated passwords for you but those passwords are difficult to remember and type. However, your computer will generally remember the password for you. Frequently used passwords need to be memorable for you.


Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – Trust The Police


Goodness knows what those emails would have done to my mental health if I had ignored them or paid the ransom.  Despite being frightened by the emails, my trust in the police paid dividends.  Moreover, they proved to me that my computer was clean and secure. They introduced me to some additional security measures and subsequently saved me a lot of money and heartache.


Crime Prevention In Lincolnshire – If It Seems Too Good To Be True…


If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!  We all love a bargain and the majority of us would welcome some extra money. Be cautious because there are a lot of fraudsters out there.  Consequently, the chances of you being targeted by fraudsters is high.  As a result, you need to always be on your guard. NEVER give your bank details out.

If fraudsters contact you posing as your bank and ask for your PIN and/or bank details to ‘pass the security’ rest assured that it’s a SCAM!  Your bank or credit card company will never ask for those details. Be one step ahead of the fraudsters by setting up security measures with your bank or credit card company. Contact them to discuss your telephone and online security measures.


Holiday Romance, Romance & Family Fraud


The worst thing about these types of fraud are that the victims sometimes feel too embarrassed to report the crime.

Have a look at this Lincolnshire County Council video on this YouTube link for an insight into Romance Fraud. “Don’t take anyone at face value…”  Scammers will try to befriend you, will often get very personal with their conversations very quickly.

They’ll be keen to get you away from the social media platform (if that’s where you met them) because they want to talk privately without fear of intervention.  Stories include ‘hard luck’ instances where they need money quickly. As a result you may feel panicked into sending cash. Don’t be tempted! STOP the conversation.  I recommend that you talk to family and friends.


Feeling Suspicious?


Talk to the police if you have suspicions of a romance fraud.  Firstly, DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone you have never met or don’t know. Secondly, take time to think about the conversations rationally. Thirdly, never feel ‘silly’ for having fallen for the charms of the scammers. Finally, do contact Lincolnshire Police if you have concerns.

Family fraud can happen very quickly and out of the blue. Because of this it’s important to share some basic information to help prevent you from becoming a victim: Getting a text, Messenger or WhatsApp message from a ‘family member’ who is urgently in need of money and help will obviously make you concerned.  They may be calling from an unusual phone number but explain it away as (part of the scam) having their phone stolen or confiscated…

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Take time to think.


STOP! THINK! These are probably the words of a scammer who is trying to get you to send money.  STOP! THINK! Take a minute to think. Don’t be panicked into making hurried decisions.

STOP! THINK! Instead of panicking, call the number of your family member (the number that you know to be true) to see if they answer.  The chances are that they are fine and have no idea someone is trying to contact you on their behalf!  It’s a scam.  Above all, don’t send money, STOP! THINK! Call the police because they will help and they want to get as much detail as they can to make the appropriate arrests.


Holiday Fraud



“When booking a holiday here or abroad, it’s important to do your research before handing over any money and to double check any website. To avoid the wave of crime this summer we encourage people to stop, check and research before paying. If it sounds too good to be true – it most definitely is.” (Pauline Smith, Head of Action Fraud)

Be aware of ‘good deals’ so make sure you check and check again before booking. Have a look at the full blog by Action Fraud by clicking/tapping on the picture above.


Domestic Abuse


Domestic abuse doesn’t have age limits or gender preferences. If you know someone who is suffering call the police today.  You’ll find some useful numbers here but if there is an immediate threat of harm call 999. They’re here for us 24 hours a day.

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Domestic abuse helplines by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Some useful contact numbers and addresses. Click on the picture to go straight to the EDANLincs website. If your life is in danger call 999. If you need to make a silent call to protect your safety call 999 and add 55. You’ll also find @EDANLincs on Twitter

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Domestic abuse helplines by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The latest (2023) Lincolnshire website to be launched is so do use it if you’re in need of help

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. Get Help by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBloggerGET HELP if you are suffering. Use the numbers above or 999 if you’re in immediate danger. CLICK ON THIS PICTURE for more information and to discover more about ‘Clare’s Law’ to find out if your new partner has history of domestic abuse.


Don’t Put Yourself In Danger


If you are unable to speak during ‘any’ emergency simply dial 999 and add 55.  The operator will immediately see that you are in need of help but are unable to talk.  Your call will be tracked and you’ll get the help you need.

Crime prevention in Lincolnshire. 999 add 55 'Caller Needs Help' for silent calls by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

In an emergency call 999. Add 55 if you are in need of help but can’t talk.


Bullying And Hate Crime


Religious, race, sexual and homophobic abuse has no place in our society so don’t tolerate it.  If you are aware of religious, race, sexual, homophobic or any other related abuse REPORT IT.  Call 101 to report hate crime and call 999 if you fear imminent danger.  Your action could result in an organised network being uncovered and prosecuted. Let’s all be more tolerant of each other.  Employers have a duty of care for all staff and visitors so if abuse is happening in the workplace, report it there too.


Prevent Radicalisation


“The role of our Prevent Officers is to help people vulnerable to radicalisation move away from extremism.” (Lincolnshire Police 2023). Crime and radicalisation is always best ‘prevented’ rather than trying to fix an existing problem.  With that in mind, you can visit the Lincolnshire Police Prevent website for tips on how to spot the signs of grooming for radicalisation and report it to the right authorities.

It could be a loved one or someone close to you who is vulnerable and in danger of radicalisation by extremist groups.  The best way to help them is to report them. They’ll receive the proper care and attention that they deserve. There are several signs to watch out for but generally, if something doesn’t feel right, ‘report it’.  You can find more information on how to spot the signs from the Act Early website. Alternatively, call freephone 0800 011 3764


Be Alert And Save Lives


If you only read one paragraph in this blog, make it this one. If you only watch one video in this blog, make it this one because your observations and actions could save lives. “Life has no rewind button”


Additional Contacts 


Safer Lincolnshire Partnership:   “I know my blogs normally focus on the good things, the jolly things, the brighter side of life but some things need to be brought out into the open.  Perhaps you can help to make someones life that little bit happier again.  If you have doubts or suspicions make the call. Are we tolerant enough in Lincolnshire? I hope so!”  (Martin 2020 ‘Be Tolerant’ blog)


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