Happy Impulsive New Year From LincsConnect

Let me start by wishing you a Happy Impulsive New Year.  let 2021 begin…

2021 Here We Come…

Happy impulsive New Year.  The old year has certainly been ‘different’ and 2021 is set to continue in the same manner.  As we try to stay safe by not gathering in groups we’ll be missing the usual New Years Eve celebrations and fireworks.  As more and more events are cancelled or fail to be organised I wish you a very happy ‘impulsive’ New Year.  Look to the future and organise something when it’s safe.

You can be impulsive!  ‘Last minute’ arrangements and bookings are the way forward and as life gradually becomes safer more events will be organised.

Happy Impulsive New Year

Organise or book your events on a whim.  We missed our Christmas parties so organise one for friends and family in May, June or July. The warmer months should be safer and restrictions will probably be eased.  Holiday bookings will be down in January and February but as life becomes safer be more impulsive.  Organise it, book it and enjoy it.  Travel companies and airlines will be more than happy to take last minute bookings.

Keep It Local

If, like me, you’re still not sure about travelling abroad there will be lots of local and national holidays available for us to enjoy.  Local hoteliers and campsites will be happy to take your bookings so when the time is right, ‘be impulsive’.

What takes your fancy?  Camping in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Norfolk for me.  Getting out to enjoy our Lincolnshire towns and countryside will be high on my agenda too. If you’re able, get out into the Lincolnshire wolds for a walk.  Need help?  Ask me, I’ll happily organise it for you and your friends if you need assistance.

You can have a happy impulsive New Year so look forward to the summer and ‘be impulsive’!

Happy Impulsive New Year – ShopLincs

ShopLincs LincsConnect discount. Happy Impulsive New Year

The new #ShopLincs hashtag is now live for the County to utilise in the New Year.  Get behind it by adding it to your social media posts as it covers the whole county from the Humber to The Wash. Let’s spread the word.

Some local businesses have already started offering discounts for #LincsConnect users ahead of its official launch.  Social media is free so they are taking advantage of the free advertising and marketing that it has to offer.  A directory of local participating traders will be produced to make life easier for you and, in addition, I’m researching the production of an App.  The App will enable each trader to post their own individual discounts and offers from money off to bulk buy deals or other incentives.


Mandarin Therapies – bespoke mobile complementary therapies. Call 07966174878 to book

The hashtag was launched on 29 December and people are already starting to use it.  As a result more people will become aware of the deals on offer. I’ll be talking more about it on local radio stations including Smooth East Midlands, Lincoln City Radio and Barton FM.  Once word starts to spread I anticipate more radio stations wanting to chat about it leading to a greater local awareness. Local businesses can sign up to the App.  As a result there will be more traffic in their shop leading to increased sales.

You can Contact me by email martin@lincsconnect.co.uk to be a part of this new venture.

Impulsive Or Spontaneous?

Happy Impulsive New yer or should that be ‘spontaneous’? Whichever term you choose to use you’ll find yourself doing the things you want to do.  As a result, you’ll have something to look forward to in 2021.  We’ll have a much better year and we’ll learn to have fun again. Impulsive need not mean ‘expensive’.  On the contrary, a spontaneous decision to visit the coast or go to the cinema need not break the bank. That spontaneous desire to have fun needs to be actioned upon.  After the restrictions of 2020 and early 2021 you owe it to yourself to get out and have fun.


Fancy listening to some local music? Take a look at the LAAMB website to see what takes your fancy:

Lincolnshire Arts and Music bulletin. Happy Impulsive New Year

Click on the picture to go to the website

If you’re worried the website is just about music, spend time having a browse to find sections for artists and venue locators too.


Christmas isn’t over yet.  In fact, the countdown is on for our next Christmas celebration! Was December 2020 a washout for you?  Were you left feeling ‘cheated’ out of your normal Christmas? Did you miss the big family gathering?  You ‘can’ redeem Christmas of course. How?  It’s easy! Be impulsive – book a table at your local pub or hotel and have a Christmas party. Do it in June or July.  There’s nothing to stop you so when the time is right, get it booked.

Music Vibes

OK, buying Christmas music now might seem a bit odd but once you’ve bought the track, it’s yours to play every year.  You can check out a few local bands here for your Christmas music.  As a result you’ll be supporting locals and will already have part of your playlist for your summer Christmas party!

Jake Newby Music

Sales from this Jake Newby Christmas single go towards funding local Lincolnshire food banks.  It’s a lovely song so why not download it for your next Christmas party?  As a result, you’ll be helping to fund local charities and that’s always a good thing. Not only is it a lovely song by a very talented singer but it’s helping those who may be experiencing hardship right now. In addition to his website you’ll also be able to find him on Facebook Jake Newby.

Click on this link to get your copy from Apple Music

Christmas Angel music download. Happy Impulsive New Year

You can download the single directly from Bandcamp here

Christmas Chris

This track was adopted by Sleaford as its official Christmas song.  I can see why!  Not only is this a great production but it’s a really good reminder of what we have all been through.  As a result, I think this song is going to be timeless and certainly deserves adding to your Christmas playlist.  ‘Christmas Chris’ AKA Chris Clark from Sleaford has produced this single to help cheer up the local children.  When you see it (YouTube link below) you’ll see that he has achieved priority No 1. It’s a great video too so do give it a ‘thumbs up’ when you see it. Christmas Bubble made it into the iTunes Charts too so that’s quite a coup for Chris, the children and Street Star Live Studios in Sleaford. You can find Chris on Twitter @dedboy2000

Christmas bubble music download. Happy Impulsive New Year

Click on the picture to download your copy from Amazon now for just 99p

Apple Music download. Happy Impulsive New Year

Click on the Apple to download your copy from Apple Music


Would you like to hear a fresh young local band? Click on the YouTube link below to have a listen.  This band of youngsters have appeared several times in past blogs but I’m happy to post this again because they really are very good. You’ll find Revivalry on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so please look them up.  These youngsters hail from Cleethorpes and their average age is 15.  Yes, that’s ‘FIFTEEN’ – unbelievable!  It may be just me but I’m sure I can detect a touch of ‘Blondie’ in this song:

Would you like a copy? That’s easy! You can download your digital copy by clicking on the pictures below:

amazon music download. Happy Impulsive New Year

Click on the ‘amazon music’ logo to go straight to the shop

Click on the apple to buy from iTunes

Music, Music, Music….

I could fill the blog quite easily with lots of music links but I think I’ll save some for another blog.  Don’t forget to download some local music though because it’s good to #ShopLincs

Happy Impulsive New Year

While wishing you all a very happy ‘impulsive’ New Year I also have a darker message to share with you. I’ve mentioned this before in previous blogs but it’s an important message that needs to be shared.

Domestic abuse is a daily worry for many people across the UK and Lincolnshire is no exception! Do you know someone who used to be bubbly and outgoing but now seems more withdrawn? Perhaps you never see your friend alone anymore because the partner is always around to keep a ‘watchful eye’.  These are just two signs of potential domestic abuse.  Some signs (bruising) are obvious but control and abuse can take many forms.  What can you do about it?  You can contact @edanlincs (End Domestic Abuse Now in Lincolnshire) via twitter, through their website www.edanlincs.org.uk or by phone 01522 510041.

Call the National Domestic Violence Helpline 0808 2000 247 if you need help.  If you need immediate help call Lincolnshire police on 101.  If you are in danger dial 999 and if you need a silent call add 55. As a direct result the police control room WILL monitor and trace your call and will dispatch staff to rescue you.  Don’t suffer alone.  Do seek help.  If you need refuge follow this link to REFUGE which is open 24 hours a day and has a ‘quick exit’ button for your safety.

If you know of someone who is or may be suffering, ‘do something about it’.  There is a ‘domestic abuse’ button on the Lincolnshire Police website which will be useful for information and reporting.  As a direct result, you could save someone a lot of pain and heartache.

COMPETITION TIME – Happy Impulsive New Year from LincsConnect

This is the last remaining ‘Lincoln Time Shift’ calendar and you can get your hands on it absolutely FREE of charge….

Light and dreams calendar competition. Enter today. Happy Impulsive New Year

Click on this image and send your details to John via his ‘contact’ page

This unique calendar shows a ‘mashup’ of pictures which takes us back to the way things used to be.  The images are cleverly blended to show ‘then and now’ images for a little bit of history of our local area.  Contact John at Light And Dreams Photography to enter the FREE draw.  This is the last remaining calendar so you’ll need to be quick.  The winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 10 January 2021.  You can follow John on Twitter @jpbphotography

Good luck

Happy Impulsive New Year – That’s A Wrap…

Let me finish by wishing you all a very Happy New Year.  Don’t forget to make it a ‘Happy Random New Year’ too of course.

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