New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – The same Old Story

Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

New beginnings with Mandarin Fitness – Exercise, diet, protein, carbohydrates, High Intensity Interval Training, Injury….. You’ve heard it all before.

Every January all of these topics will have probably been bombarding you from morning till night.  You can’t escape it in January and you are ‘expected’ to have a New Year resolution. The expectation is that you will want or need to lose weight and get fit. Fast forward to pre-summer holidays and watch it all repeat again!


Reality Check


The realities are though that the majority of people who take up exercise and a new diet plan in January are doomed to failure.  Why though? Is it because you have been pressured into it by the media, celebrities, friends, families and Personal Trainers?

Perhaps you feel under pressure to conform with what is expected of you?  Here is a question and answer for the ladies:

“How do you get a bikini body?” The answer is simple “put a bikini on!”

Bikini Diet with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

The picture on the left is the real image. The picture on the right has been edited to portray ‘the perfect body’ image

New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – Don’t Be Pressured


The point I’m trying to make here is that whatever happens, you mustn’t feel pressured or bullied into conforming to the ‘skinny body’ picture that you may have in your mind.  The ‘six pack’ may never happen for you.  It’s a fact and I would like you to hold that in your mind.

We are all different and that is a fact too.


Body Type


Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph are three distinctly different body types.  You are what you are and, like it or not, that’s the way it is.  You can search any of those body types on the internet for a full description to save me rambling on here but the reality is that regardless of how many nuts and seeds you eat or litres off water you drink your body type will never change.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just give up and pretend that any weight issues you may have just don’t matter.  On the contrary, we know that an increased waist circumference is linked to heart disease, stroke and some cancers.  We also know that too little body fat carries health problems too.

Morphology with Mandarin Fitness by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Morphology – you are what you are!



So where does this leave you? Hopefully not confused!

Do you need to exercise? Of course you do!  Your body type may dictate that you will never be lean with a six pack so do you stop considering what you eat? Of course not!  Remember, “Everything in moderation


New Beginnings With Mandarin Fitness – Your Health Is In Your Hands


If you don’t enjoy exercise and prefer to eat comfort food then consider this:  “Your health is in your hands” – you should love yourself and the body you’re in so don’t try to reach the unreachable goal.

You can change habits though and there is plenty of professional help around from health professionals to fitness professionals. Consider ‘functional fitness’ as a goal.  Many of you may not want to go to the gym or take up running but can you get out of your chair easily? Could you run or jog a short distance if you need to? Can you lie down and get back up again with ease?  If the answer to these questions is ‘no’ then perhaps you need to consider your perception of fitness.

Take your body type (whatever it is) for a walk, swim or cycle. Don’t cut out carbohydrates from your diet but you can drastically cut down by reducing confectionary.  It’s a good start!

If you are new to exercise, self conscious, unable to move as well as you should but would like to make improvements then you might like to contact me for help. I will visit you for a dedicated 1 to 1 consultation but I’m afraid there will be the normal charges for that service.

If you have any questions about starting exercise please don’t hesitate to contact me.



March is my busiest month of the year. Why? Because so many people are too enthusiastic at the start of their fitness/activity journey and trainers often push people to exercise beyond their safe limits.  March is the time when my phone is most active with people asking for help.  Don’t be a statistic. Take your time to ease into exercise. There is no rush, you have the rest of your life to get it right!


Biomechanics Coaching for injury prevention and rehabilitation with Mandarin Fitness in Lincolnshire by LincsConnect the Lincolnshire blogger LincsBlogger

Biomechanics coaching with Mandarin Fitness in Lincolnshire for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation

Until Next Time…


That’s it for now. I hope you find this blog useful. If you have any comments or would like any more information please do get in touch.

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