Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Day

Lincolnshire Day The Lincolnshire flag

The Lincolnshire Flag was adopted for the County following a design competition in October 2005. Click on the flag for more information

Lincolnshire Day – A Brief History

The day was created in 2006 by BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Life magazine to commemorate the Lincolnshire Rising in October 1536. The Rising started in Yorkshire and was a protest against King Henry VIII decision to separate from the Roman Catholic Church and the dissolution of the monasteries.   Nine thousand Lincolnshire protesters marched to York to protest to the king.  King Henry VIII had the leaders executed and the Church of England was established as the religion of the land.

You’ll appreciate of course that this is a very brief history lesson. However, it does give a quick insight into the origins of our day.

In 2006…

Several other counties across the UK have a designated date to celebrate themselves. In 2006 a joint venture between BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Life magazine officially campaigned for a special day for Lincolnshire. As a result the official day has been adopted as 1 October each year.  It isn’t a holiday but it does give the local community a day to celebrate all that is good in the county.


I haven’t found a definitive reason for the term ‘Yellowbellies’ but it’s thought that it may refer to the yellow bibs or waistcoats that were worn by the Lincolnshire Regiment. Other folklore reasons can be found for the term but suffice it to say that ‘Yellowbellies’ refers to Lincolnshire people.  As a result, yellow is the colour of choice for local people to dress in.

Lincolnshire Day – Let’s Celebrate

Every day is a good day to celebrate Lincolnshire! We have lots to celebrate here from our rich heritage, the Cathedral, castles and churches. We have the Fens to the South, the City in the middle, the Wolds further North and onward to the rich heritage of North and North East Lincolnshire.  Ancient woodlands, chalk streams, a fabulous coast, a network of waterways including rivers and canals. The list goes on and on.

Lincolnshire has a truly artisan feel with its diverse array of home made and crafted foods and drinks. Local breweries and artisan distilleries, chocolatiers, bakers and makers abound. As a result there is always something to celebrate, savour and admire.

Wherever you look in the County you’ll find local crafts, architecture and ingenuity.  With a rich aviation heritage from ‘The Dam Busters’ to Bomber Command you ‘will’ discover something to explore, sample and celebrate.

Lincolnshire Day RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight by LincsConnect LincsBlogger

RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Click on the picture to go to the website

Petwood Hotel

Situated in the beautiful village of Woodhall Spa is the absolutely stunning ‘Petwood Hotel’ with its distinctive building and fabulous grounds. You’ll always enjoy a warm welcome when you visit, with panelled walls, open fires (during the winter months) and rich wartime history I highly recommend it. I visited the 617 Squadron bar and can highly recommend that too. Ask at reception for directions. It certainly has a history all of its own so take your time. I can also personally recommend the afternoon tea!

The Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa by LincsConnect LincsBlogger

The Petwood Hotel (my photo was taken before the gardens were re-landscaped)

International Bomber Command Centre

Celebrations wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the International Bomber Command Centre. Lincolnshire is known as ‘Bomber County’ for good reason.  I owe my freedom to many people who made the ultimate sacrifice (as do we all) so make it a priority to pay a visit if you get the chance.

The Centre is easy to find from the City. With the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle behind you, looking out over the City centre where you’ll see the spire proudly standing on the top of the cliff. I took this picture with the spire in silhouette and I’m pleased to post it here for you.

International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln by LincsConnect LincsBlogger

International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln. Click on the picture to go to the website

Lincolnshire Day – How Will You Celebrate?

From countryside to beaches, food and drink to culture, heritage and architecture we have something for everyone. Arts and crafts abound but most of all, the ‘people’ are what makes Lincolnshire so special.

What’s On Lincs

For ‘any’ day; To discover what’s on in the County at any time check the #WhatsOnLincs and #LincsConnect hashtags on Twitter. I have created the account to help and promote all things Lincolnshire so do pay a visit soon.

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