27 years and going strong…

It hardly seems possible that Mandarin Leisure has been going for so long! The official 27th anniversary is today but the unofficial anniversary makes the business 29 years old. I started working part-time in the World Gym while studying to become the first Personal Trainer in the County. Later I added complementary therapies to my portfolio and the rest is history. Studying never stops of course as there is always something new to learn.

Initially teaching circuit training classes in village halls the business has grown to include Personal Training, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, back pain rehabilitation as well as the almost limitless possibilities with the complementary therapies.

Helping people…

It’s fair to say that helping people is in my genes. By father was awarded the BEM for helping people and my great grandfather was awarded the George Cross for bravery while helping people. My journey started out by helping people with their fitness and wellbeing but I soon discovered that with my healing abilities and vision I was able to help many more people than I had ever imagined.

A natural progression

In November 2012 I took this a stage further by creating @LincsConnect on Twitter. In order to prove its worth I created it anonymously to let people know the it is truly impartial. I helped and promoted all businesses in the Lincolnshire area; including other Personal Trainers and therapists who may have viewed me as a rival business if they had known who was being the account! A few years later I started a networking #LincsConnect group so naturally I couldn’t remain anonymous! The meetings went well and I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Emma at the Petwood Hotel for having the faith in me and for supporting Lincs Connect in such a big way. Due to illness I put the meetings on hold but intend to revive them again in the not too distant future.

The next chapter

The next chapter is about to begin so keep watching as I have great things planned

Happy Valentines Day to you all. You’re never alone as long as LincsConnect is here


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